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Naturalization bill controversy continues

Many who claim they were born in the Dominican Republic continue to insist they should automatically be given Dominican citizenship, and not follow the path proposed in the Foreigner Status Legalization Plan. The Reconoci-do movement maintains that Dominicans are racist for not granting automatic citizenship to immigrants from Haiti.

Meanwhile, some legal experts are saying that the naturalization bill presented to Congress and unanimously approved in the Chamber of Deputies violates the Constitution and Dominican laws. The bill now needs to pass in the Senate.

Lawyer Julio Cury said that the naturalization bill passed in the Chamber of Deputies and now pending for approval in the Senate violates Art. 110 of the Constitution, which bans laws from being applied retroactively. He said a situation deemed as illegal by a present law cannot be retroactively validated by a new law. Others list many other violations in the proposed bill, including Art. 18, 19, 20, 21, 272 of the Constitution, as well as the Naturalization Law 1683 of 1948 and Constitutional Ruling 168-13.

An extensive explanation of other violations is set out in an Open Letter-Reflection by Juan Manuel Rosario to the Dominican People (Carta-reflexion Abierta de Juan Manuel Rosario al pueblo dominicano). See the letter in the comments in the link below.

The arguments are being used to impede the implementation of the naturalization bill.

Source: DR1, Elnacional

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