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Motorcycles, bicycles and night watches during Holy Week 2014

SD. The incorporation by the Ministry of Public Health of 90 motorized units which will provide First Aid; the decision by the Vice President of the Republic to add 48 bicycles with First Aid kits (“bici-ambulances”), as well as the nighttime watches by agents of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (AMET) in the vicinity of the “colmadones” and other drinking establishments, are the newest innovations of the “Holy Week 2014: Operation Plan for Values and Your Safety,” launched yesterday by the Center for Emergency Operations (COE).
During the press conference, the director of the aid and assistance agency, General Juan Manuel Mendez, reported that the operation will use 32.182 volunteers, among who are health workers, doctors, paramedics, military personnel, police, and search and rescue specialists that will be placed throughout the 2,512 aid stations located at “critical points” on beaches, swimming holes, roads, highways and avenues of the country.

Likewise, the general stressed that during the holiday they will have at their disposition 140 ambulances, three helicopters located at strategic points, 20 tow-truck stations, eight auto repair shops, and even six mobile hospitals and nine regional command centers.

Swimming areas closed

Because they are not fit for use by swimmers, the COE closed 179 swimming areas throughout the country.

“We wish to remind you all that what we are commemorating during this Holy Week is the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Those of us that have Christian principles are appealing to the strengthening of the family and the proper use of alcohol which is zero at the time of driving a motor vehicle,” declared Mendez. He referred to the fact that the most important thing during this holiday weekend is the reduction of the loss of human lives. The press conference was attended by representatives of the ministries of Public Health, Defense, Public Works and Communications as well as people from the President’s Social Plan, Civil Defense, the Economic Kitchens, the AMET, the National Police, the Fire Department and others.

The Operational Plan has three phases

The plan, which provides assistance to alcoholic and food poisonings, traffic accidents and drownings, will include a first phase in which the population will be taught to take the necessary preventive measures. Mendez said that the second phase consists of the positioning of the personnel and aid units starting at 2:00 p.m. on 17 April until 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, 20 April. The third phase, on Monday, 21 April will include the reports on the results of the operation.

Environment instructs personnel to prepare beaches and rivers

The Minister of the Environment ordered yesterday immediate extraordinary work on the preparation and inspection of more than 80 beaches, rivers and swimming areas all over the country before Holy Week 2014.

Bautista Rojas Gomez said that he instructed the 32 Provincial Directors to increase the number of technicians, supervisors and workers with the aim of guaranteeing that these natural places are in optimum condition to be enjoyed by the national and foreign visitors.

These actions should be coordinated with the local mayor’s offices.

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