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Motorcycle deaths in DR are the highest in Latin Americal

SANTO DOMINGO. During 2013 there were 6,637 traffic accidents reported, of which 3,819 involved motorcycles. The remaining 2,818 were four-wheel vehicles.

The motorcycle wrecks caused the death of 1.258 persons and injured 4,010, for a total of 5,268 persons affected.

The information was offered by the director of Motorcycle Regulation at the Metropolitan Transport Authority (AMET), Juan Gondres, who cited among the causes the lack of safety helmets, going through red lights, driving against traffic, passing on the right, zigzagging through traffic, excess speed, alcohol and drug intake, and having more than one passenger.

In the spirit of “cooperation with the Dominican authorities in the process of education and awareness of the motorcycle drivers, collaborating in the programs that are being developed to reduce this type of traffic accident,” the MAPFRE Foundation and the AMET presented yesterday the study “Motorcycle Safety in Latin America.”

The research, which evaluated the situation in 12 nations of the Latin American region, placed the country with the highest death rate from traffic accidents: 149 deaths of motorcyclists for each million inhabitants.

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Uruguay all showed lower numbers.

“Regrettably, the Dominican Republic has the absolute record in Latin America. It is four times more than Brazil. Four times more than Colombia. Argentina, ten times more. Than Puerto Rico, ten times more. This is the situation that we have,” Luis Gutierres, the executive president of MAPFE BHD and the representative of the Mapfre Foundation, noted as he referred to the number of deaths per million of inhabitants in the countries.

According to the report, the country is followed by Uruguay, with a death rate of 88 per million, and Brazil, with 55. The lowest numbers were from Chile with 5.5 and Mexico with 7.6.

Gutierrez said that he felt that in order to achieve a reduction on motorcycle traffic accidents, it is necessary to educate the population with regard to traffic regulations and to punish those drivers that infringe on the rules.

In this country, according to the AMET, there are 1,678,979 motorcycles, which when added to the 1,536,794 four wheeled vehicles, creates a vehicular fleet of 3.215,773.

Source: DiarioLibre

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  1. Samson

    Are we surprized??

    How about teaching them to drive safely and then the Amet to their job
    Dominican motorcyclists ignore all safety rules. They ignore traffic lights, one way streets, have no idea how to cross the raod safely so they cut corners and enter a road on the wrong side of the road. A driver coming from the road is looking the other way so as he turns into the road, he is confronted by a motorcycle driving straight at him.
    I conclude that no one has taught them how to drive. Rarely do they actually look before manouvering. – horrors

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