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Mother of public school runaway who flew to Caribbean with teen lover makes desperate plea for her return

The parents of runaway Indira Gainiyeva last night issued an emotional appeal for her boarding school not to expel their daughter, excusing her by saying: ‘She is young, perhaps she fell in love.’

Speaking publicly for the first time since the schoolgirl did a midnight flit to the Dominican Republic with her boyfriend, her mother Firuza pleaded for Indira to send a text ‘or anything’ to show she is safe.

‘That would be enough,’ she said

‘I beg and pray she is in good health. She knows that she and our other children mean more than anything for myself and my husband. No-one is more important.’

From her home in Kyzylorda, southern Kazakhstan, Mrs Gainiyeva insisted Indira was a good  student, while her father Ravi claimed Indira, who turned 17 on Friday, may have run away ‘to celebrate her birthday’.

Indira has not been seen since sneaking out of Stonyhurst College, in Clitheroe, Lancashire, with fellow pupil Eddy Bunyan, 16, on Monday. The pair were believed to have fled to the city of Puerto Plata.

However, last night police said they may have moved on to Cabarete, a town famed for its all-night parties and watersports.

Mrs Gainiyeva revealed she and her husband are desperate for the headmaster to take Indira back at the £30,000-a-year school.

Mr Gainiyeva, 50, said: ‘I can only ask the school to forgive her such a behaviour. Because she is not really such a kind of person. She studies, she strives, she wants to be well educated. I’m concerned this will damage the school’s reputation.’

As the search continued last night, postings under Indira’s name on popular social media website gave an intriguing insight into her character, hopes and plans.

The messages reveal an intelligent free spirit with an adventurous side who cites laziness and apathy as her  enemies, and identifies Karl Marx and Pushkin as her heroes.

She says her biggest dream is to have a life abroad, naming Spain the country she would most like to live in. She says she loves to take risks on a daily basis, defining the secret of happiness as being able to ‘do what you like and be yourself’.

Her answers on the site – where users ask each other a range of questions – are written in Russian and have been translated by The Mail on Sunday.

Asked how often she lies, she says: ‘I have to sometimes, but try to do it as rarely as possible.’

The teenager, who moved to Britain from Kazakhstan to study, made the comments five months ago.

She also reveals a softer side when she says: ‘I want to make people who are with me happy, build a strong family and become a successful person.’

Indira and Eddy are believed to have planned their escape meticulously, turning off their mobiles and buying pay-as-you go phones, which cannot be traced. A friend of Eddy’s said: ‘I heard they booked that the flights using credit cards but then took lots of cash so they could pay for the hotel without being detected, which is clever.’

Of Indira’s parents’ pleas, the ex-pupil added: ‘They definitely won’t be going back. They’ll be expelled.’

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