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More than one million Dominicans living in New York and other U.S. cities endured arctic cold

NEW YORK – . More than one million Dominican citizens residing in the states of New York , New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania on Tuesday endured arctic cold with temperatures exceeded 20 degrees below zero, without unfortunate accidents have been reported including until the morning of Wednesday.
For more than 118 years ago this New York city did not suffer as deadly as yesterday’s cold, and it was in January l896 that similar temperatures were reported, this time the arctic cold has affected more than 32 state of the U.S., and 190 million people .
New Yorkers are living an unknown winter phenomena : first cold, then a snow storm followed by rain, and now a ” vortex ” reached the North Pole.
It is noted that when the temperature drops below 20 degrees , the skin directly exposed to the cold freezes in minutes and hypothermia can kill quickly.
The author of this news article during a tour to different places in Manhattan and The Bronx , counting over half a million Dominicans, observed the sidewalks of the different commercial arteries in normal days are crowded by thousands of vendors street , now were utterly deserted.
Dominicans in Manhattan , the Bronx , Brooklyn and Queens made ​​an effort to address climate since continued their daily routine of going to work, not shopping.
In Upper Manhattan , home to hundreds of thousands of Dominicans , on the corner of 181st Street and St. Nicholas , called Duarte with Paris, where  around hundreds of vendors set daily and there are several bus stops , on the train number one could not see a single vendor.
The Dominican presence in the streets was sparse , fast walking and covered with heavy coats, gloves , hats, scarves , masks and goggles to protect the eyes , among other accessories.
New York suffered yesterday from lower temperatures due to the wind factor , with gusts as high as 80 miles per hour , causing the thermal sensation of more than 20 degrees below zero , even in counties outside the city it can reach at least 31 degree .
However , activity in the city remained without severe disorders , except for some problems at airports. The NY Fire Department said it received 19 911 calls from people who were directly affected by weather and 11 were taken to hospitals .
Forecasts indicate that the temperatures begin to gradually rebound from Wednesday , and even the weekend will be a bit warmer , with highs of 11 degrees .

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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  1. Samson

    Poor sods and here we are enjoying excellent weather. Hope that it lasts.

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