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More than 50% of the development goals for 2015 will not be reached

SD. Of the objectives of the National Strategy of Development (END) 2030, 57 were analyzed in a report by the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development, and will not reach the goals programmed for 2015.

The 2nd yearly report of advances in the implementation of the National Development Strategy, delivered to the Economic and Social Council, indicates that 17 indicators achieved their goals for 2015 in 2013, and 23 have improved “and look promising” and have high probabilities of reaching what was programmed for next year. This is to say, that only 40 are projected to have reached their goals.

On the other hand, the study establishes that there are 18 indicators that have gone backwards; 32 have improved “moderately” with low possibilities of reaching the goal for 2015; and there are 7 indicators that are stalled.

In percentages, the number one focus, regarding a social and democratic State, was the one which obtained the worst grades in the publication, where 45% of the indicators are stalled or going backwards, and only 36% show some improvement, which includes the moderate improvements, which all the same means that they will not reach the goal for 2015. The central idea which shows the greatest indicators of improvement (68%) is the number two focus, that of a society with equal rights and opportunities. Regarding the 3rd axis which covers a sustainable, integrated and competitive economy, 48% of the indicators improved, and in the 4th area, a society of environmentally sustainable production and consumption, 50% of the indicators present an improvement, and for the other 50% they did not have up to date information for 2013.

Going backwards

Among the indicators in which the country has gone backwards are the index of the perception of corruption – with measurements by Transparency International -, the amount of the state subsidy to the electric sector, the index of cash recovery in the electric sector, the percentage of the participation of exports in world exports and manufacturing and farm products.

The percentage of the rural population below the moderate poverty line has also become worse, as has the death rate associated with dengue, the undernourishment rate in children less than 5 years old and the gap between the female and male unemployment rates, among others. The net registration rate at the higher education level also shows regressions for 2015.

The report stresses that the public policies adopted during 2013 were related with the lines of action of the END between 42.3% and 47.6% depending on which focus was studied.

A CAT scan of 2013

The chairman of the Economic and Social Council, Monsignor Agripino Nunez Collado, said that the document is a “tomography” of what occurred in the governmental departments during 2013 and that the Council would study them. The END, Law 1 – 12, establishes that this entity has the authority to monitor the advances of the indicators. In the meantime, the Minister of Economy, Temistocles Montas, said that the report “recognizes advances, but also backwardness in the implementation and fulfillment of the objectives and goals.”

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