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More than 100,000 remain in shelters after 2010 earthquake in Haiti

PORT-au-PRINCE. Haiti remembered yesterday the fourth anniversary of the devastating earthquake which caused 300,000 deaths and left 1.5 million persons homeless. Today, more than 90% have returned to their homes, while more than 146,000 continue to exist in refugee camps under highly vulnerable circumstances.

The quake that shook the poorest nation in the Americas on 12 January 2010 at 4:53 p.m. left, in addition to thousands of dead, material losses of US$7.0 billion and 1.5 million of homeless.

Four years later, there are still 146,464 persons in an extremely vulnerable position in 271 shelters for the homeless, where they live in horrible conditions, which get worse each day, according to information from the International Immigration Organization.

In spite of the fact that 90% have managed to leave the homeless camps which have been reduced by 83%, those that remain are the most vulnerable and live in extreme poverty, surviving in tents, made to last six months, but that now have gone four years. Many latrines no longer function and that are scarce basic services.

And they also are at risk to violence, especially of a sexual nature, or subject to forceful eviction and many, besides being without a home because of the earthquake; they lost their jobs because of some disability which, after the event, keeps them from doing the jobs they had before.

According to the information that was offered to EFE (the Spanish news agency) by the General Directorate of Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (Echo) of the European Commission, there are 16,377 families at risk of suffering forceful eviction by the authorities and will not have anywhere to go.

This happens-according to EFE-when the camps are on public lands and the government wants to use them for other things or when they are on private lands and the owners are demanding their return.

A survey carried out by the Directorate General of Drinking Water in 65 refugee camps concluded that 92% of the camps suffer from repeated flooding and that 88% have no waste disposal service.

A new cardinal

The new cardinal for Haiti, Chibly Langlois, said yesterday that he was “surprised” to receive the news of his appointment from Pope Francis, and he added that this is a blessing for his country. The news reached the Archbishop of Les Cayes and chairman of the Haitian Conference of Bishops, on the same day as the anniversary of the earthquake.

Source – DiarioLibre

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  1. Samson

    How many millions did the World donate to assist the poor people??
    So who is going to tell us where it went??

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