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“Modification of the Labor Code will not help create more jobs”

SD. The president of the Autonomous Confederation of Syndicate Classism (CASC), Gabriel del Rio Doñe, said that it is not true that the modification of the Labor Code will help to create more and better jobs as has been suggested by the business sector, due to the fact that the creation of jobs is very much tied to the issue of the handling of the economy.

“The business sector sold society on the idea that they were going to save the country with jobs, but in practice they know that there is no possibility with the Code to give jobs. This is a problem of improving the economy, resolve the problem of electricity,” he indicated to the editors.

Del Rio also noted that in some European countries, as a result of the economic crisis, they found viable issues to help in the creation of jobs, such as lowering the work week from 40 to 36 hours, with the objective of reducing the workday for a group in order to insert a new group of unemployed into the workplace.

“Now what they want (management) is to increase it (the work week) to 48 hours, which is to say, “They’re going to have more jobs?” No, this was the little hook that they threw out and many people believed that they were going to give more jobs with the modification of the Labor Code, and today they find out that no, this is not possible, that this is a problem of the economy, not of the Labor Code,” said the union leader.

Del Rio said that the labor sector accepted the modifications of some articles of the Labor Code, but they have now realized that management went beyond the intentions that were first expressed.

He said that the fundamental interest of the management sector, with all these amendments, is to earn more money. “It is not even to provide more jobs, it is to earn more money,” he stressed.

And Abreu made it clear that there are points of the Labor Code that require modification, because even the International Labor Organizations has suggested it, but not the ones that management is proposing at this time.

Businessmen in transportation sector control their syndicates

In spite of the fact that the definition of “syndicate” is clear (An association of workers constituted for the defense and promotion of professional, economic or social interests of its members), in the Dominican Republic that are organizations of this sort that are in the hands of the businessmen themselves.

Rafael (Pepe) Abreu of the CNUS said this, and he added that these are the transportation syndicates, which are led, principally by persons that in many cases are the owners of the vehicles that are used by their own companies.

“There are cases that have to be understood, for example, public transportation, not freight. The state abandoned its role and left this in the hands of those small owners that go along acquiring buses, one here and one there,” he said as he referred to the way in which these persons have taken control of transportation in the country.

Gabriel del Rio Doñe, the CASC president, stressed that these organizations take part together, the businessmen as well as the workers, and all of them struggle for the best interests for the sector they represent.

Source: DiarioLibre

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