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Ministry of Education payroll increased by 31,317 active employees

SANTO DOMINGO. Between the months of August 2012 and 2014 31,317 new active employees entered the Ministry of Education (MINERD), an increase of 20.5% which increased the monthly cost of the payroll of this state entity 69.6% reaching RD $3.2 billion each month.

As is known, in March 2013, the MINERD made a salary adjustment of 20% for its teaching, technical and administrative personnel in the nation’s schools. And that within the framework of initiatives such as the extended school day and the execution of the 4% of GDP in the expenses for education, in November of last year they announced a competition to fill 7697 teaching positions. There were 183,989 active employees registered on the MINERD payroll as of August 2014.

Public Health and Social Assistance was another ministry which in this 24 month period registered a significant growth in the number of active employees and the cost of the payroll. In August 2012 they had 59,298 active employees and in August 2014 this had increased to 65,457, a 89.2% increase.

In the same interval the monthly disbursal for payment of salaries grew by 19.9% reaching in August 2014, the sum of RD $1.5 billion.

This information is registered in the statistical information delivered by the Controller General of the Republic to the Diario Libre in answer to a request for public information that the newspaper had filed.

The information, corresponding only to the central government, revealed that in 24 months the public payroll grew 20.5%, as it incorporated 75,138 new public employees, while the salary costs increased by 52.5%.

In contrast, in the Ministry of Foreign Relations there was a strong cutback of personnel. Compared with the number of employees in August 2012, during the same month of 2014 the payroll decreased by 25.5%, which meant the firing of 922 persons. In this ministry there are still 2695 active employees.

Nevertheless, over the same period, the cost of the payroll only fell by 3.3%, as it remained at RD $137.9 million in August 2014.

During the same month, the media in the Dominican Republic made note of the reports that in Foreign Relations there were hundreds of firings.

At Agriculture, the number of employees fell by 6.8%, reaching 8016. Nevertheless the comparisons in those 24 months reflect that the amount paid in salaries grew by 16.4% reaching the monthly amount of RD $117.9 million.

But in other ministries both the number of employees as well as the millions of pesos paid went up. In the case of Tourism where the number of employees went from 731 to 1115 there was a growth of 52.5%.

The amount of money required for the payroll of Tourism grew by 73.6% as it reached RD $30.7 million.

On the other hand, in Industry and Commerce the growth in the number of employees was 189.9% as it reached 1096. With regard to money, the increase in the cost of the payroll was 70.8%, as they paid RD $37.4 million each month.

Public works and traffic

The Ministry of Public Works increased the number of active employees by 13.6%, as it registered 7109 active employees. In August 2014 the institution spent on its payroll the sum of RD $125.5 million, 88.8% more than it paid out for the same concept in August 2012. For the same period, the Technical Office of Ground Transportation (OTTT) and the Office for the Reorganization of Transportation (Opret) increased the costs of their payroll by 65.2% and 47.6% respectively.

Source: DiarioLibre

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