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Metro 2 will evacuate 756 families

SANTO DOMINGO. The Office for the Reorganization of Transportation (OPRET), reported yesterday that 756 families that live in Gualey and Los Mina around the area for the construction of the bridge that will cross the Ozama River for Line 2 East of the Santo Domingo Metro will be moved over the next few weeks, while the ground is prepared for the start of the excavations.

The 756 families were surveyed, according to Opret and will be moved in stages. “We have already done the work in Gualey, where already more than 100 families left on their own after reaching an agreement with us,” said the deputy director of Opret, Leonel Carrasco, as he indicated that in this relocation they paid a total of RD$70 million, with each family receiving between RD$350,000 and RD$800,000.

The movement of the people will continue over the coming weeks.

Nevertheless, neighbors of the sector said yesterday that they were worried about the money which the Opret had given to the families. Eusebia Montas, a resident in the house with the census identification number of L03-L05, says that many residents of the sector have been surprised with amounts of money that will not allow them to live in the area of Gualey. “There are persons to which the Opret has given money, and at this time they are in the street because the money would not allow them to buy a little house,” she said.

The community leader, Hilario Nova Gomez, from the El Berro Neighborhood Board, called for the attention of the authorities, as he pointed out that the displacement of persons for the construction of the Metro has caused an increase in local rents and house prices.

“They think that it is a lot of money, and they ask for what has not been paid and this forces the people to go far away from the sector where they earn their living,” he said.

The tunnel

Besides the social problem, the Opret is working in the preparation of the space for the creation of the tunnel. “At this time we are sinking piles and creating the entrance area where the digging will begin,” said Carrasco, as he explained that the work was being done on two fronts.

“This is the part of the bridgehead where the biggest tunnel drill will be working, and then we have to more smaller ones that will be 300 meters to the south of the San Vicente de Paul Avenue on the Pedro J. Lama by the old Mella Highway,” said Carrasco. As he explained the reason why the tunnel drills are on the south side of San Vicente de Paul, he said that this is due to the fact that they have to prepare a trailings dumping area for the tunnels that will allow movement inside the project and then the operation,”

The beginnings of the work, which he added “will begin in the next few days”, and will depend on the movement of the equipment. “We have to coordinate with AMET, in order to move the equipment one of these Sundays, and then get started.”

After the construction of Line 1 and Line 2 of the Santo Domingo Metro, the Opret now has three tunneling machines.

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