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Medina has disarmed social “bombs”

SANTO DOMINGO. President Danilo Medina arrives today at the two year anniversary of his election as President with a very favorable panorama but with some difficult issues awaiting resolution that could become the starting point of a fall from his high rating. He finally gave an answer to one of the issues, sending the much awaited legislation for the Naturalization Law to the Congress. In this case he achieved nearly unanimous support from the sectors that were opposed when the sentence 168-13 was handed down by the Constitutional Tribunal regarding the nationality of the children of illegal aliens. Medina has managed to disarm social bombs such as this and the case of the renegotiation of the contract with Barrick Pueblo Viejo, which was applauded throughout the country.

Up until now, the President is enjoying a moment of fantasy for any president, and it is that even the leaders and the rank and file of the opposition praise his administration and the person who the numbers say is the leader of the opposition, Hipolito Mejia, meets frequently with him and offers his public support. We will have to wait and see if Medina can move or not the governmental bureaucracy, the Foreign Service, and if he can will the battle on public safety.

Medina will now face a very uncomfortable stretch for his administration which are these two years of pure political electioneering at all levels, which without doubt will distract the musicians from following the score.

The pressures increase from some of his surroundings that want a modification of the Constitution that will permit him to be a presidential candidate once again. But at the same time there is the shade cast by the possible return of the team that preceded him in power, which he faced off against in 2007, and he would have his reservations regarding the attitude that they would take if in power once again regarding a government that has relegated some and has permitted that the Justice Department is prosecuting one of the former officials.

Another issue that is part of the mine field is working out the pressures revolving around Falconbridge and the exploitation of Loma Miranda and take out US$1.7 billion in nickel over the next 20 years, something that has been rejected by broad sectors.

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