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Man threatens 500 passengers in the Metro

SD. The man who set off the incendiary device inside a backpack inside three cars of the Metro yesterday morning threatened the lives of nearly 500 passengers. “This train at that moment was carrying 75% of its maximum capacity. It had between 450 and 500 passengers inside the train. We can say that this individual threatened the lives of these persons,” said the deputy director of Opret, Leonel Carrasco to the Diario Libre.

The Opret has a visual identification of the suspect and distributed images to the media. According to the Specialized Corps for Metro Safety (CES MET), the man got on the train at the Ramon Caceres station and before arriving at the following station (Mauricio Baez) he started his attack. He lit the artifact and threw it towards a group of people, and jumping avoided the backpack, getting away unheeded and managing to hide among a terrified multitude, narrated the deputy director of Opret yesterday after watching the tapes.

Once the train was stopped, he was one of the first in escaping the fire, he took the Metro tunnel and left without a shirt on at the same station where he boarded the train, located on Duarte Avenue. Before leaving he was detained by a CES MET agent who saw him without a shirt. The man tricked the agent by alerting him that there was a fire on the Metro.

The suspect had decided to carry out his attempt at one of the peak hours, 8:30 a.m. This is the time in which university students and public and private employees use the Metro. The structural damage to the train, said Opret, can be repaired.

An official tied to the investigations also said that “we are dealing with a young man, light-skinned, with receding hair on the sides, and it is clearly seen when he set fire to a backpack, threw it in the train, and quickly changed to another car, then gets out at the Mauricio Baez station and walks away.” The chief of the Police, Major General Manuel Castro Castillo said that a person entered the Metro with a backpack and that inside he had a half a gallon of gasoline that he lit trying to commit suicide. He explained that officials from the Scientific Police investigated the case and added that as soon as “we have more precise information we are going to hold a press conference in order to release all the details.”

Earlier, a version of the incident which said that the creator of the incident was Francis Gonzalesz who suffered burns on 40% of his body, had circulated. This was dismissed by members of Opret. Carrasco asked for pardon from Gonzalez’ family. The young man turned out to be one of the principal victims of the incident. “We asked for pardon from Mister Gonzales and his relatives because of the mistake. Although it was not our version which pointed him out, we think it is fair to make reparations to this young man who has been a victim with serious injuries.” “The National Police at no time has offered the name in relation to this incident, we are together in the investigations and we do not know the origin of these declarations,” said last night police spokesman Jacobo Mateo Moquete.

Source: DiarioLibre

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