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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has seen a rise in the number of scams and complaints from travelers

Puerto Plata, DR.– Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has seen a rise in the number of scams and complaints seen posted on the Internet from travelers who visited locations around the world in recent months.

This shows that travel scams can be a danger to any vacationer’s plans. With member security as a chief concern, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is doing its part to keep members safe during their 2014 vacations.

A startling travel scam that was found by the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scams analysis showed that some travelers are targeted when they are unaware of their belongings.

When thieves get their hands on bags, wallets, or other valuables, they will then flee and disappear into the city. The best way for travelers to avoid this situation is to stay within well-populated tourism-focused areas and stay aware of their surroundings, no matter where they are. Extremely valuable items should be kept at home or on one’s person.

Another travel scam that was seen in the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club scams analyzed was taxi scams. There are a number of ways unscrupulous cab drivers can scam their customers, one of the most common ways though is for the driver to claim the meter is out, and will then charge slightly more than the regular rate.

One of the most frustrating cab scams is where the driver promises to unload the traveler’s luggage while they check into their hotel. The driver will bring in all but one bag, making off with the contents of the last bag. Distracted travelers may not even notice something is missing until it is too late, and the driver is long gone.

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