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Legislators vote to keep criminalization of abortion

In its session yesterday, Tuesday 16 December 2014, the Chamber of Deputies bent to pressure from religious groups and voted to maintain the ban on abortion in most cases, including rape, incest and fetal malformation. The legislators did modify the Penal Code article to authorize doctors to decide in favor of the life of the mother if all scientific and technical means have been applied to save both lives.

The proposed new Penal Code Art. 110 is proposed to read: “The termination of pregnancy carried out by specialized medical personnel in health establishments, public or private is not punishable if according to all of the scientific and technical means available all has been done to save two lives”.

Earlier this month, President Danilo Medina sent a modification to Congress requesting the decriminalization of abortion in the cases of rape, incest or fetal malformation.

The Penal Code establishes two to three years in prison for women and anyone who assists them in terminating a pregnancy. Medical staff assisting in an abortion are subject to four to ten years in jail, and 10 to 20 years if the woman dies.

93 deputies voted for the text presented by Chamber of Deputies president Abel Martinez, including 75 from the ruling PLD.

The bill now passes to the Senate for approval.

The legislators proposed drafting a separate bill that would cover the interruption of pregnancy for rape, incest or fetal malformations.

Source: DR1, Eldia

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