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Lawyers ask Danilo to instruct the Police to obey civilian power

SD. The Forum of Jurists for Constitutional Democracy warned that the National Police (PN) and the DNCD have gone beyond their attributions during these last months, with activities that do not obey or follow the hierarchy that controls the investigative process as is established by the Constitution of the Republic.

The position was expressed during a press conference by the leaders of the entity, John Garrido, Candido Simon Polanco, Manuel Galvan and Angel Monero.

The Forum of Jurists asked President Danilo Medina to issue instructions to the Chief of the National Police, Major General Manuel Castro Castillo, the head of the DNCD, Julio Cesar Souffront and to all of the military and police to submit to the control of the civil power.

They said that they felt that these entities have issued over the last few months the public criticisms and insults to judges and the Justice Department, accusing them of being deficient and complacent with the criminal element that is the scourge of Dominican society.

“The Dominican Republic is not a police state, it is a democratic state in which the military and the police are governed by constitutional mandate which prohibits them from deliberating as they are doing, orders them to obey their superiors which they are violating; it keeps them from issuing opinions and issue information on criminal investigations that are underway, which is disobeyed constantly.”

They feel that the criticisms by the Chief of Police and some of the investigative agencies against the judicial system and the Justice Department are constant and systematic, “which reflects the fact that they have rebelled against the constitutional mandate.”

They suggest that the President should know that these actions weaken the coordination needed to confront crimes and criminality, which is getting more violent, affects the prevention, investigation and penal prosecution, discredits the justice system in the eyes of society and dismantles their efforts to insure public safety and social peace.

They say that the Attorney General is the person responsible for the direction of public policies of investigation and penal prosecution, and in this function the police and the military have to subject themselves to his instructions.

They said that these orders are disobeyed when they are prohibited from issuing public statements identifying the suspects, which has caused multiple mistakes, that later have had to be retracted, putting into play the honor and in danger the life of citizens that had nothing to do with the cases under discussion.

The jurists observed that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Mariano German Mejia, recently encouraged a roundtable discussion on understanding the penal justice system, but some days later the Chief of Police and the president of the DNCD finished this by saying that the Justice Department and the judges were not doing their jobs because they had freed 20,000 criminals and that they are tired of arresting drug traffickers who are later released and set free.

Source; DiarioLibre

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