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Lack of documents keeps Haitians from completing registration in Normalization Plan

SD. The lack of documents is the principle stumbling block which keeps the Haitian foreigners from completing the application process for the National Normalization Plan, a program that complies with sentence 168-13 of the Constitutional Tribunal and that in its first three days has received more than 6,000 persons.

“All of the persons that come in receive information from us; they are shown what documents they should bring. In an established order we review the documents that they have, and if they a lacking something we ask them to come back the following day with all of the documents, but they are issued a paper with their general information, with their photograph, with all of their biometric details that shows that they began the process,” explains Samir Santos, the director of the Normalization Plan.

Within the four basic ideas that the Plan covers, they require the compliance with at least two requirements of each one, which can be the proof of salary payments, the employee ID card, the rental contract, the certification of being a student, and a bank account, among others.

Haitian Jieunel Joseph, who has been living here illegally for 18 years, arrived at 5 o’clock in the morning to get one of the first turns in the Juan Pablo Duarte Public Office Building (El Huacal) in the National District. He travelled from Kilometer 15 ½ on the Las Americas Highway in order to get a work permit as a mason. He had ticket #10 and they finished attending him at 11 in the morning. They told him that he was missing some documents. Will it be easy to get them? He was asked by the Diario Libre. “I am going to see, it is not easy,” he responded.

Lafountant Isme, a Haitian student that had number 15 attributed the lack of documents by his compatriots to their costs. “Many do not like to be illegal, but there are times when there is no way to get the papers, for example the cost of residence has increased a lot (…..)it costs around RD$20,000,” he said.

Some Haitian merchants of the sector known as “Little Haiti” are planning to register in the Normalization Plan, but they say that they first have to get their passports and other papers.

The Haitians represent the majority of foreigners in an irregular (illegal) situation that should take part in the Plan. Nevertheless, they have also received applications from Peruvians, Colombians, Venezuelans, Mexicans, Argentines, and other nationalities.

Haitians sleep in front of Higüey local; cause chaos

From the start of the process of the National Normalization Plan for Foreigners last Monday, hundreds of Haitians have greeted the dawn in front of the Governor’s office in Higüey, in hopes of being attended to.

This situation was the cause yesterday morning, when the work began, the feelings were boiling over and the process was suspended after there was some disorder in the locale.

The Haitians intended to get up to the second floor of the institution “no matter what,” said the provincial governor, Ramon Güilamo Alfonso, who saw the need to call for back up from the National Police and the National Army in order to re-establish some order.

“Like that we are not going to be able to continue the process of Normalization of Foreigners and with these conditions we are not going to go forward, so that it is preferable to stop the process,” said the official to the persons waiting to register.

After the multitude calmed down, they re-started the work at noon and by three in the afternoon they had stopped working.

A similar disturbance was also seen last Wednesday and the Police had to intervene, but on that occasion there was no need to halt the work.

The governor met with the officials of the Haitian consulate in Higüey in order to ask them for their collaboration in creating a consciousness among their citizens regarding the need to maintain order and respect.

Once past the problems, Enmanuel Guerrero, a representative of the Normalization Plan, reported that in yesterday work, they managed to attend 200 foreigners, processing the data of 160 that was sent to Santo Domingo.

Source: DairioLibre

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