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Lack of curricular offerings will affect the extended school day

SD. Breakdowns in the preparation of the curricular offerings and the management of the human resources in order to make them more effective, could affect the objective of the teaching during the extended school day, said the members of the Socio-educational Forum yesterday.

During a meeting held yesterday, this forum, coordinated by Business Action for Education (Educa), expressed the need to rethink those aspects, in order to avoid converting this process into a double cost of time and resources that offer the same educational results as the normal school days.

“It (the extended school day) is only justified if terms of learning, the students can achieve the objective set forth, if it is not achieved they will be financing a school that far from being an extended school day, will be what some experts call “a slow school”. The same results in twice the time,” noted Darwin Caraballo, the executive director of Educa and who chaired the meeting.

For her part, the former president of the Dominican Teachers Association, Maria Teresa Cabrera, said that there is still no curricular offer that responds to the objectives of the extended school day.

“What we have picked up in the schools with the extended school day is that they have been doing exactly the same thing, there has been no expansion of the curricular offerings. When we ask why, they have told us that they have not had the personnel,” she said.

Among the positive points, Caraballos indicated that the food for the students in the schools, their permanence for a longer period of time and as a result of this, a reduction in child labor and a collateral effect that the adults can free time to develop gainful activities.

Regarding the issue of the investment of the 4% of GDP in education, the members of the Socio-educational Forum said there is a need to balance the application, by introducing improvements in the rationalization of its execution for sectors that require more resources against others that are not so high a priority.

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