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La Victoria prison houses 32% of total inmates

Santo Domingo. The prison population rose to 26,350 inmates, of which 8555 are housed in the overpopulated jail of La Victoria, equal to 32.5% of the total.

Of the inmates in the prison, 3232 have received sentences from the tribunals (37.8%), while 5318 (62.1%) are there under preventive custody.

After La Victoria, there is Najayo which has 1798 inmates which translates to 6.8% of the total.

La Vega, with 1538 inmates, has 5.8% of the jail population.

Of the 26,350 inmates, 17,017 correspond to the traditional model, or 64.7%.

On the other hand the new penitentiary model brings together a total of 9288 prisoners equal to 35.7%.

According to the report “Relation of inmates and penitentiary institutions,” from the Director General of Prisons, the total number of convicted prisoners is translated to 10,948 (41.6%).

Likewise, the number of inmates whose judicial condition is that of preventive custody total 15,357, or 58.4%.

In the new model prison it is important to note the existence of 4160 inmates who have received sentences from the courts (44.8%).

Inmates that are waiting for a sentence from their conviction or a discharge from the courts represent a total of 5128 (55.2%).

The Dominican citizens that are in prison make up 93.7% of the inmates, with a number of 24,000, 653 prisoners. At the same time foreigners number 1652, which means 6.3%.

With relation to the foreign prisoners it is noteworthy that 1279 are Haitians who make up 79%.

At the same time there are 69 Americans, 4%, and the remaining 286 (17%) belong to other nationalities.

The number of preventive custody

The highest percentages of inmates whose judicial status is under preventive custody follow in numerical order. The jail of Higüey – Women, has 91 inmates of which 10 have been convicted (11%) and 81 our being held under preventive custody (89%).

At the Anamuya Correctional and Rehabilitation Center, also in Higüey, the statistics show the existence of 1056 inmates which represent 4% of the total national prison population.

Of those persons deprived of their liberty, only 198 (18.8%) have been processed and sentenced, and 858 (81.3%) are in preventive custody.

Of the 1538 prisoners that are held at the model traditional jail in La Vega, 1195 have not been sentenced (77%) and 343 have been convicted to various sentences.

The Special Operations jail, located in Manoguayabo, has a total of 130 inmates, of which 99 are in preventive custody, a total of 76.2%, and 31 persons are convicted, equivalent to 23.8%.

The Departmental Jail of San Pedro de Macoris has 507 prisoners, of which 74.8% are in preventive custody.

The Najayo – Women Correctional and Rehabilitation Center has 303 inmates, of which 81 have received sentences from the courts (27.1%) and 221 are there in preventive custody (72.9%).

Penal evolution in 2014

The penal evolution during the first eight months of the year has had an ascending scale. As reflected by the report statistical report from the Director General of Prisons, in January the number of inmates was set at 25,801. In February the number rose to 25,886; March 20 5812; April 20 5943; May 20 6029; June 20 6116; July 20 6132 and August 20 6305. In the different prisons there are 679 women and 25,626 men and the new model penitentiary, with an installed capacity four 9126 inmates at the present time there are 9288 persons in that system.

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