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Korea works to reduce the number of traffic accidents in DR

The Ministry of Economy announced that it is working with Korean experts to conduct a study with the goal of improving local road and traffic safety systems and reviewing and revising traffic regulations in the Dominican Republic. The study, that is to be presented in a seminar sometime in November 2014, also includes an assessment of road safety in Haiti. The study is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Korea Eximbank at a cost of US$550,000.

The announcement was made at the meeting of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FiA) Congress on Mobility and Sports meeting being held in Santo Domingo from 6 n 8 August 2014.

Korea successfully achieved nearly a 63% decrease in road fatalities between 1990 and 2011. Many of the lessons learned by Korea will be integrated into the Dominican Republic study.

The study is part of a joint consulting project on supporting road safety in Haiti and Dominican Republic. The project seeks to propose a framework for the development and implementation of traffic safety regulations for both the Haitian and Dominican governments. The framework proposed will be part of a road safety management system that would operate in conjunction with a Traffic Accident Data Management System (TAMS).

Implementing these programs would contribute to significant improvement of road and traffic safety in Haiti and Dominican Republic.

The study focuses on collecting and compiling detailed data on traffic accidents, analyzing current systems and regulations for road safety and studying the roles of government and private institutions that have roles and responsibilities in traffic safety. Finally, the study will make recommendations to create an integrated framework to improve the traffic safety regulations in the Dominican Republic.

Current traffic rules and regulations are based on an obsolete law that was created in 1967. A hodge-podge of government agencies currently share responsibility for applying traffic laws in the Dominican Republic. These agencies include the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (AMET), the Technical Office for Land Transportation (OTTT), General Authority for Land Transportation (DGTT) and Office for the Reorganization of Transportation (OPRET).

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