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Justice Department favors judge granting house arrest for Sobeida Felix

SAN CRISTOBAL. The judge for the Execution of the Sentence for San Cristobal, Willys de Jesus Nuñez, set aside for the 18th of this month the decision on a new request for parole made by the inmatd Sobeida Felix Morel, who was the lover of the Puerto Rican capo Jose David Figueroa Agosto.

The magistrate took the decision after hearing the conclusions by the defense and the Justice Department.

The Justice Department, represented by the lead prosecutor for the Court, Jesus Fernandez Velez, and the prosecutor for the jurisdiction Faustino Pulinario Romero, rejects the request that the judge grant the woman a parole, but they said that they would favor a different mode of prison: House arrest.

“We request house arrest, in place of parole, naturally, she can have mobility, but around her children,” said Fernandez Velez. Sobeida only has three months to go on her five year sentence, after she pled guilty and made a deal with the Justice Department regarding her participation in the network of the Puerto Rican capo.

Sobeida’s children are supposed to arrive in the country on the 29th of this month, as deportees from the United States, after the expiration of their visa which was issued on 2 September 2008 and expired on 28 August 2013. The children were already registered in a private school in Santiago.

“We do not oppose, because of the higher needs of the children, not for her, but because of the superior interest of the children.” Fernandez Velez asked the judge to order that Sobeida only be permitted movement to take care of her children. In case the magistrate accepts the petition of house arrest, the convict will finish her sentence in Santiago.

Sobeida’s lawyer, Felix Portes, suggested that she be granted parole because she has served more than half of her sentence, of five years in jail.

Likewise, the lawyer argued for the parole because the father of the children, Eddy Brito, is in jail. This plea makes the fifth time they have sought to get Sobeida out of prison in Najayo.

Magistrate Nuñez has rejected the inmate’s parole request twice before.

The latest decision with respect to the case issued by the magistrate in January says that there has still not been a public apology, an indispensably requisite for this type of liberty.

On 8 January, the judge of the Second Chamber of the Penal Section of the Court of the First Instance of the National District, Franny Manuel Gonzalez, rejected the appeal for compliance filed by the inmate Sobeida Feliz Morel who demanded that the court respect a written agreement signed with the District Attorney in March 2011.

The magistrate declared the request inadmissible because he felt that the case was already heard and decided upon by the judge of the Eighth Chamber, Teofilo Andujar Sanchez, who rejected the appeal.

Nonetheless, in December 2013, the District Attorney Yeni Berenice Reynoso reiterated that the agreement and the sworn statements given by the defendant never formed part of the trial against her and that it is false that when she arrived at the District Attorney’s office they gave her these documents or that they are in the archives of her office. Then, on 10 January, the Attorney General, Francisco Dominguez Brito, said that he felt that the agreement signed by the District Attorney and Sobeida is not applicable for the Justice Department.

He said that the law establishes that agreement like that of Sobeida have to be approved by a judge.


Of those processed and convicted from the network of money laundering of Figueroa Agosto, just the wife of Figueroa Agosto, Leavy Nin Batista have receive a parole.

On 29 January, the judge for the Execution of the Sentence for San Pedro de Macoris, Altagracia Mejia Roca granted a parole to Sammy Dauhajre.

Madeline Bernard, the wife of Coronel Jose Amado Gonzalez, was convicted together with the group to a suspended sentence under a series of conditions.

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