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Judges of TSE violated law by raising salaries over JCE

SANTO DOMINGO. The report of the Audit carried out by the Chamber of Accounts on the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) put into evidence that the judges received salaries and remunerations superior in RD$6,533,864, to those receive by the members of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) during 2012.

According to the report, “the principle officials of the entity, acting in the performance of their attributions, did not observe the obligatory legal dispositions, regulations and norms for the administrators of public money.”

The report stresses that article eight of Law 29-11-the Organic Law of the Superior Electoral Tribunal-was violated. This article refers to the performance of the position. The article establishes that the president and members of the Superior Electoral Tribunal will enjoy permanent salaries, equal to those of the members of the Central Electoral Board, which will be contained in the General Budget of the state.

All told, during 2012, the judges of the Superior Electoral Tribunal received RD$22.08 million in remunerations for salaries, while those of the Central Electoral Board received RD$15,6 million, reflecting a difference of RD$6.5 million.

Another aspect that the Audit stresses is the difference in the physical payrolls and the budgetary execution, explaining that the latter presents in the item of Personal Services, the cost of RD$65,136,000 and the physical payrolls, RD$67.6 million, which is a difference of RD$2.5 million in round numbers.

“This situation represents expenditures in personal services performed outside of the payroll or operational registers corresponding to some other reason for the expenditure, existing the risk that these operations are not properly supported by services carried out in benefit of the entity,” adds the document.

In addition, the TSE paid the Treasury of the Social Security RD$304,662; this sum corresponds to arrears and penalties for arrears in the payment of Social Security of its employees during the months of January, February, March and April of 2012, according to the report.

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