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Judge orders opening of the trial in the case of the Vice President

SANTIAGO. The presiding judge of the Third Chamber of Instruction of the judicial district of Santiago, magistrate Ingrid Liberato, ordered the opening of a trial in the case brought by the Vice President of the Republic, Doctor Margarita Cedeño de Fernandez against the lawyer and journalist Marcos Martinez.

After presenting the deliberations which she made regarding the case, Judge Ingrid Liberato ask the secretary of the tribunal, Carolina Fernandez, to read the decision, which consisted of nine articles and which results in the disposition to open the trial.

According to the decision, within five working days, the parties involved in the process should come before the Penal Court of Santiago to offer general information and addresses in order to be properly cited.

Likewise, in the decision by judge Ingrid Liberato she exonerated the defendant (Marcos Rafael Martinez) from the coercive measure which forced him to present himself periodically before the department of crimes and falsifications of the District Attorney, but nevertheless she maintained the travel restrictions.

For his part, Marcos Martinez declared that he is a victim of the judicial power which are represented by the former President of the Republic Doctor Leonel Fernandez and the current Vice President, Doctor Margarita Cedeño de Fernandez.

Margarita’s reaction

Margarita Cedeño said that they decision opens the road so that the truth will be ratify by Dominican justice, and that this responds to the principles of justice and fairness which should prevail in any State of Law.

“With the opening of a trial we will be able to enforce our right to defend our honor, a right that belongs to me as a citizen who has been the object of a serious slander, through a falsehood and the use of false documents,” said the Vice President.

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