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Judge could revoke the sentence, if Sobeida does not go to the assigned house

SANTO DOMINGO. The judge for the Execution of the Sentence for San Cristobal, Willys de Jesus Nuñez, ruled that Sobeida Felix Morel must obligatorily reside in the house on Felix Maria Ruiz #12 in the Savica section of Santiago.

The magistrate ordered that the failure to comply with this and other measures would entail the revoking of the sentence that orders her parole.

He ordered that the convict present herself to the secretary of the General Prosecutor of the Appeals Court of San Cristobal to sign the control book on the third Friday of each month, starting in July 2014, until June 2015 when the sentence she received is up.

Lawyer Felix Humberto Portes Nuñez is also committed to see that this is done, as he is the guarantor of the inmate.

The tribunal notes that failure to comply with these measures immediately produces the revocation of the parole.

Likewise the parole order her to refrain from traveling overseas, of abusing alcoholic beverages and from frequent visits to night spots such as bars and discotheques. The court ordered travel restrictions.

Felix Portes said in a sworn statement before the judge for the Execution of the Sentence for San Cristobal, that as a guarantor, that Sobeida would be his assistant in Accounts Receivable in the company he heads.

He gave details of the benefits that she would receive: a monthly salary of RD$15,000; a 2.5% commission on sales and a 30% commission of housing rentals. Likewise, she would receive expenses for transportation and lunch on workdays.

In a like manner, she will receive expenses for the company cell phones and 100% coverage of medical insurance.

“We have expressed out that she, while on parole, would live in our home, she would live there with her children, it is part of her salary.” Portes explained that Felix Morel would also be coordinating appointment with the company.

For her security and image

Yesterday the Diario Libre contacted Felix Portes, who revealed that as of 3:39 in the afternoon, no reporter had interviewed Sobeida after her arrival in the city of Santiagto last Friday. “For the moment we prefer to keep Sobeida away from the media, because it has to do with her own safety and her image,” Portes said.

Neighbors of the house “have seen neither hide nor hair”

Neighbors in the Savica sector of Santiago said that they have not seen Sobeida in the house located on Felix Maria Ruiz in that barrio, where she is supposed to live.

In the house marked with number 12, indicated by Felix Portes as the house where Sobeida would live, after receiving her parole after spending several years in prison as the result of the case that involved the drug trafficker Jose David Figueroa Agosto.

Manuel Peguero, who lives in front of the house in the Mejoramiento Sociai barrio, said that on Friday and Saturday he went to bed late waiting for the arrival of Sobeida in order to see her, but he never saw the woman.

“If I tell you that I have seen her, I would be speaking lies, but neither has my neighbor seen her.”

In similar terms Jose Gabriel Vargas, who has lived near the house for more than 20 years, expressed himself.

“When a strange car parked in front of Felix Portes’ house, I looked to see if it was Sobeida that arrived, but they were other people that got out of the vehicle,” said Gabriel Vargas.

The house is painted yellow and looks modest from the outside. It has two floors, (on the first floor is the office of Portes). The second floor has glass windows.

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Source: DiarioLibre

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