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Jesuits accuse Haitian leaders of concentrating on political campaign and abandoning their nationals in the DR

SD. The Network of Social Centers of the Company of Jesus, and the Jesuit Network with Migrants accused yesterday the political leadership of Haiti of concentrating their efforts on the legislative electoral campaign of next October and the presidential election of 2016, and, as a consequence, the issues related to their citizens residing in the Dominican Republic “have remained practically abandoned.”

Through a press release, they said that through multinational cooperation they have provided Haiti with both the technological resources as well as financial to provide a package of documents for their nationals composed of an extract of the birth certificate, personal identification card and passport, all for US$50.

On the other hand, the Jesuits point out that “the Haitian state collects US$50 for the birth certificate, and US$80 for the passport, since the personal identification cards (c├ędulas) are not being used.” “With which-they add-a little procedure of document becomes a real financial load for the group that in the great majority who are in a delicate situation of vulnerability.”

Thousands of Haitians lack the documents for the National Plan of Normalization of Foreigners which the Dominican government is carrying out and they complain of the high costs. As a result, of the more than 54,000 foreigners (in the majority Haitians) that have visited the registration offices, just a few more than 120 have managed to provide all of the requirements.

Yesterday, the Judicial Advisor to the Executive Power, Cesar Pina Toribio, called on the Haitian government to provide documents for their nationals interested in taking part in the Plan since the Dominican state cannot provide them. “If the Haitian state does not provide the documentation for the persons that have the right to the normalization and later on to naturalization, obviously the Dominican state cannot excuse them from this requirement,” said Pina. He also indicated that the proposal from the UN Working Group of Experts on the Afro-descendants that the Dominican government restore the citizenship to the non-registered in the civil registry “is an opinion, absurd, but an opinion.”

The Jesuit Migrant Network, composed of Cefasa, the Centro Bono and Frontier Solidarity, indicates that the Haitian government has been supplied with the tools to prepare mobile consulates, but the date they will begin to work is unknown, “in spite of the fact that institutionally we have carried out four personal interviews with the Haitian authorities.”

Draft of regulations for Law 169-14, ready this week

The Judicial Advisor to the Executive Power announced that this week the draft of the proposal of regulations for Law 169-14 that establishes a special regime. “The commission is working right now (yesterday). We had another meeting and we will continue the meeting on Wednesday. We the rough draft of the regulations well advanced and we estimate that in the course of this week this commission will have finished the presentation of the draft. In order to comply with the requirements established by the Law of Free Access to the Information, which is to say a publication and the creation of a deadline for those that have observations or recommendations to make have the opportunity and then weighing the recommendations, complete the draft and submit it to the President for his signature,” he said.

An office in North Santo Domingo opens today

The authorities have programmed for today the opening of an office on the Charles de Gaulle Avenue, next to the Ney Arias Lora Hospital, in North Santo Domingo, to receive requests for the Normalization Plan for Foreigners. This was reported to the Diario Libre by the Deputy Minister of Interior and Police, Washington Gonzalez, who also said that by Thursday at the latest they would open other offices in Samana and Cotui.

With the office to be opened today, there will be 15 places prepared in the National District and several provinces of the country. The goal is to reach 35 The Ministryof Interior and Police has announced the opening of a locale in Los Alcarrizos, nonetheless it has been postponed and the opening date was not provided by Gonzalez.

Source: DiarioLibre

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