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JCE without resources for normalization and ID cards

SANTO DOMINGO. Although he did not specify the amount needed, the head of the Central Electoral Board (JCE), Roberto Rosario, warned yesterday that the lack of resources could affect the National Plan of Normalization of Foreigners. This is the process of providing an identification card, known as the “cédula” as well as the audit of the register of foreigners that the institution is carrying out.

He indicated that he notified the Executive Power regarding the situation, with the aim of being able to cover all of the expenses that the JCE incurs, since up until now they have not received additional funds to carry out these projects. In order to perform the audit that will decide to whom the special regime of normalization will be granted, they would need the amount of RD$200 million.

“The JCE has a big problem. And it is that it is immersed in the change of the cédula, which is very costly, and for this we did receive the resources that the Executive promised us. However, it is also true that the Plan of Normalization is being sustained basically with the resources of the Board’s budget,” he explained.

He said that they have on their shoulders three ambitious projects and that “a time will come when we will have problems.”

Rosario said that they are facing a material, objective problem, since the projects cited only go forward with resources and they cannot be put off.

“We do not want to make this a public discussion, nor is it an insistence, because that is not the purpose nor our interest,” he said as he offered details to the diplomatic and consular personnel accredited in the country on the advances of the National Plan of Normalization. In his talk he also complained that the documents are being issued to the foreigners free of charge.

In the same way, he reported that Juliana Deguis can go to the Yamasa Office to obtain her birth certificate in order to be able to get her new identification and voter registration card called the “cédula.”

He made it clear that the woman has not fulfilled the legal procedures required to obtain the official document.

He said that like any person that goes for the first time to get the document, she will have to wait for between 15 and 20 days to get it. He indicated that for the new cédulas they open a file in the Electoral Registry and there is an investigation to determine if there is a double identity or identity theft.

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