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JCE will provide information to Police to fight crime

SANTO DOMINGO. The Central Electoral Board (JCE) will place all of its technology at the disposition of the National Police so that the police, through the use of smart phones and with the new identification and voter registration card known as the ‘cédula’, they can check out the citizens detained during operations and at check points. Roberto Rosario, the head of the JCE, noted that for this to take place, he will sign an agreement with the National Police, though which they will be permitted to have correct information on suspects.

“We are going to place at the disposition of the Police, so that they can, from a remote location and through a server at their headquarters, obtain verification of the information as to the identity of the persons detained and have a on-line and up to date file on the person that they might be investigating,” he noted.

In his judgment, with this mechanism they will be able to respect the human rights and permit the Police to be modernized and up to date.

Regarding this, the Chief of the National Police, Major General Manuel Castro Castillo, pointed out that with this new technology the institution is taking a step forward in the fight against crime. Besides that, they will be able to have an internal check on the members of the force.

“We are going to be able to improve the process of background checks on persons that are detained in different operations, check points that are carried out in different spots around the country, since with the modern ‘cédula’ you can at the moment of the detention it is possible to verify whether the identification corresponds to the person detained, as well as his fingerprints,” he pointed out.

He pointed out that the new document will permit them to move police investigations forward. He said “now we can say that we are going to reduce the bothersome arrests, since we do not have to wait on the clearing process.”

The ‘cédula’

The JCE began yesterday the process of providing ‘cédulas’ for the 32,617 members of the National Police, as well as the personnel of the Ministry of the Interior and the Police.

Rosario explained that over 25,000 personal identification and voter registration cards, the ubiquitous ‘cédulas’, have been issued by the agency in different points around the country. He announced that in 10 days they will prepare new centers for obtaining the card and cover the 155 municipalities of the country, since they are currently operating in just 17 locales.

Today they expect to release the new places where the official document will be able to be obtained.

The stumbling block

The invitee arrived before the host. Yesterday everything was prepared for the president of the JCE to present the new ‘cédula’ to the Chief of Police at 11:00 am, but it was not until after 12:00 noon when the delivery took place.

Rosario arrived on time for the appointment, but his host was not there, and after remaining for more than 40 minutes in the Police Headquarters, he decided to leave. He was not able to go down the stairs, when the bugle call announcing the arrival of the chief sounded, and he returned to present the new card to Castro Castillo.

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