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JCE frustrates attempts at double cédula cards

SANTO DOMINGO. The Central Electoral Board (JCE) found 92 attempts of persons trying to get more than one cédula, the national identification and voter registration card, which were frustrated given the high security levels of the system which was put into operation all over the national territory for the emission of this document.

The president of the JCE, Roberto Rosario Marquez said that many of the persons were impersonated by others in order to use their identity.

He commented that the detection of these attempts has been easy, “thanks to the effectiveness of the high technology that is being used in the emission process of the new document.”

He explained that in this group there are persons who, when they had gone to obtain their new cédula, upon placing their fingerprints saw the system reporting inconsistencies.

In many cases the impersonations or the fraudulent switching of identities by other persons, or in other cases that the same person had already obtained a new document and tried to obtain another with different names.

He said that as a way of speeding up the solution of these cases, he has ordered the secretary general, assisted by a special commission of inspectors, to receive these person, whose name are published on the webpage and in the press, in order to establish their real identities.

He invited those affected by this situation to go as quickly as possible to the secretary general of the JCE in order to correct their situation because it is not in the interests of the institution to affect any citizens in particular.

He argued that the modern technology with which the JCE is working impedes a person from obtaining more than one cédula for their identification, because now the fingerprints and the biometric characteristics are tied into the new document.

Also the document contains all of the information of the civil registry that identifies the parents, children and spouses as well as other important data.

“It is because of all of this that we can be sure of the security guarantee of the new identification and voter registration cédula, which the same thing as guaranteeing the identity of the men and women citizens of the Dominican Republic.

The warning

Former President Hipolito Mejia said last Thursday that he doubts the ability of the JCE to provide the voters with the new cédula in time for the elections of 2016. He said that the experience indicates that voting with two cédulas could lead to fraudulent and traumatic practices in the results of the elections.

He said that today, there are no guarantees that we can hold trustworthy and credible elections.

Since Monday, 21 April, thousands of Dominicans have received their identification and voter registration cédulas, as part of the operations that the agency carries out.

The JCE has said that in order to exercise the right to vote in the elections of May 2016, the citizens necessarily will have to have the new cédula.

The number of persons that should have the new document is about seven million Dominicans.

The JCE suggests that the new cédula has a bar code, digital photograph, ghost photograph, long-lasting lamination, intentional errors, composition of microtext images, modulated microtext, patriotic holograms, and for the JCE, the impression of a variable text within the format and security ink, among other 20 different security aspects.

Rosario said that for greater safety at the time of renovating or in the case of loss or theft of the document, they will not use a photograph from the archives, but rather they will renovate it with a new photograph taken at the moment of the request.

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