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JCE: 862 Dominican children of foreigners can get their birth certificates

SD. The Central Electoral Board (JCE) said yesterday that 862 Dominicans, children of non-resident foreigners, can now go and receive their birth certificates in the corresponding civil registry offices where they were born.

This was stated by the JCE president, Roberto Rosario, who made it clear that these registrations are being entered after their verification through the audits that the agency is carrying out on the books of the civil registry, a process he said is a requirement of the law.

“The decisions of the Central Electoral Board should correspond to the institutional order that prevails in the country and as a result the diverse sentences issues by the Supreme Court of Justice, the Constitutional Tribunal, sentence 168-13, and Law 168-14 force the JCE to comply with the order to audit the civil registry books,” noted Rosario during a press conference in his office after the end of a meeting of the JCE Plenary.

He noted that of these 862 cases, 481 of those whose information was verified and confirmed; another 381 were established through acceptance of the Law of Normalization and Naturalization (169-14).

Rosario indicated that, moreover, another 75 cases are being entered into the books. In the meantime, a total of 62 registries are in the process of annulment as false data was confirmed.

“There are persons that are asking that audits not be done and they hand in the documents,” he said as he reiterated that the audit process of the registries has to be completed.

In relation to the supposed denial of the emission of a birth certificate for Juliana Deguis, which was reported yesterday by her lawyers, Rosario invited the reporters to go to the Civil Registry Office in Yamasá and verify the registry. “IF she has a ‘cédula’, she has a birth certificate.”

He said that on Sunday he would have a meeting with all of the civil registry officials from the entire country in order to check on the advancement of the process of audits and registration of information.

Source: DiarioLibre

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