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Increased budgets for 18 of 27 institutions in 2015

SANTO DOMINGO. The Executive Power intends to submit today the draft of the General Budget of the State for 2015 to the National Congress as established in the Constitution of the Republic which says that the budget should be submitted before 1 October of each year.

With this action the Executive Power avoids having the National Congress modify the original Budget already sent in order to comply with the deadline ordered by the Constitution of the Republic.

“The National Congress can modify the legislative proposal of the Law of the General Budget of the State, when it is submitted after the date referred to in article 128, numeral 2, paragraph G, with an absolute majority of the members of each chamber,” says the constitutional text.

The draft of the General Budget of the State for 2015, which was approved last Friday by the Council of Ministers, for an amount of RD $630.9 billion considers increases in the budgetary items for 18 institutions of the 27 that head the list of public entities which obtain resources from the state.

In addition, of the 27 principle institutions that stand out in the Budget for 2015, 5 entities presented reductions in their budgetary requests with relation to what they actually are receiving from this year’s budget and four will have the same amounts which they obtained in 2014 if the National Congress ratifies the same numbers approved by the Council of ministers.

Among the institutions that will receive a major increase in their budgetary assignments, the Ministry of Education, which from an amount of RD $109.2 billion which it obtained in 2014 will receive RD $119.4 billion in 2015, an increase of RD $10.2 billion; also standing out is the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, which will go from RD $55.2 billion at the present time to RD $60.9 billion for next year, showing an increase of RD $5.7 billion.

Along the same lines, ministries with significant budgetary increases are the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of interior and Police which go from RD $17.4 billion to RD $19.96 billion and from RD $30.5 billion to RD $32.5 billion, respectively.

With regard to the institutions that could have a lesser amount in their budgetary assignments for 2015 with respect to the amount that they receive at the present time there are the Ministry of Labor which now receives RD $1.9 9 billion and for next year will have RD $1.9 4 billion a reduction of RD $46.3 million; the Ministry of Sports which has an assignment of RD $2. 251 billion in the new budget and at the present time has RD $2.263 billion, a difference of RD $11.6 million.

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