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In two days 26 Haitians gave birth at Cabral y Baez Hospital

SANTIAGO. The birth of Haitian children continues to increase in the Regional University Hospital Jose Maria Cabral y Baez in Santiago, where last weekend there were 26 births to Haitian women.

Of the babies born, 14 are girls and 12 are boys, and all are in good health.

The hospital spokesman, Jhony Lama, reported to Diario Libre that many of the Haitian mothers arrived from Haiti to give birth in the hospital, while others reside in the Dominican Republic with their husbands.

He said that the expenses in attentions to Haitian citizens represent a heavy load for the hospital but that no foreigner is denied medical assistance when he or she arrives with some health problem.

According to the hospital statistics, during 2013 they offered services to 25,022 foreigners of which 24,507 were Haitian nationals.

The services to these foreigners during the period mentioned included 1,142 outpatient consultations, 2,322 hospitalizations, 12,226 lab tests, 436 transfusions, 242 surgeries, 4,043 emergencies, 924 births (of which 146 were aborted) and 489 C-sections, among other services.

In addition there were 655 mammograms, and a total of 1,588 X-rays.

Among the statistics that the Cabral y Baez Hospital keeps, there are four boxes: one for Haitians, another for Cubans, another for Colombians and a forth box which say “Others”. In the latter three categories there were no entries for 2013.

The monthly average of attention to Haitian patients is over 1,200. In order to be able to resolve their financial problems, the Cabral y Baez Hospital requires a budget of approximately RD$30 million each month, but barely receives between RD$10 and RD$15 million a month.

The service to foreigners, who represent approximately 25% of the total patients, uses 30% of the total income of the hospital.

Source: DiarioLibre

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