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In the Dominican Republic at present there is more than one lawyer for every square kilometer of territory

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Justice and the chairman of the Judicial Branch Council, Mariano German Mejia, revealed that in the Dominican Republic at present there is more than one lawyer for every square kilometer of territory. There are 48,442 square kilometers in the Dominican Republic. The magistrate estimated that with the newly sworn-in lawyers at the SCJ over the last few months, there are 53,000 lawyers, which is one lawyer for each 178 inhabitants, as reported in Diario Libre.

Participating in a panel discussion, “Analysis of the legislative proposal on the practice of law and notary public in the Dominican Republic”, organized by the dean of the Law School at the Catholic University of Santo Domingo yesterday, Wednesday 12 March, he said the way people look at the legal profession has caused a visible overpopulation in the universities, exorbitantly multiplying the number and reducing, at the same time, the quality of the service over the last decades. German Mejia listed a series of factors that cause this situation, including inadequate training because of the national educational crisis. More universities are offering law degrees, but with no type of control and which the students do not attend regularly.

He added that there are more lawyers per inhabitant and per square kilometer, weaker ethics, as a consequence of the increasingly evident loss of values. “There is an absence of standards that establish corrective punishments for poor work in the practice of the profession,” he said. These causes, he said, justified modifications in the system of training and in access to practice of the legal profession. He said that it was enough to mention several cases in which the First Chamber and the Plenary of the high court had declared the plaintiffs’ petitions inadmissible because the briefs were so confusing and deficient that they could not be considered.

He added that deficiencies in training have also been reflected in the Competitions for Candidates for Justices of the Peace organized by the Judicial Branch. German Mejia revealed that from 2001 to date, 4,725 applications have been received but barely 248 have managed to get through the process. “Statistically speaking we are looking at 5.2%.” He concluded by saying that at present, the law profession is one of the most popular at the universities and most in demand by students.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

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