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In six months 576 die from gunfire

SANTO DOMINGO. During the period between January and June, 576 persons were killed by gunshots, a number called alarming by the Attorney General of the Republic, and that deserves a movement that ends with the disarming of the people.

Questioned regarding the feasibility of the population being disarmed, the Minister of the Interior and Police, Jose Ramon Fadul, said that this decision has not been established as a policy of the state.

“The greater part of the robberies and assaults that leads to violent deaths are to steal their weapons,” said the Attorney General Francisco Dominguez Brito during the act of incinerating 2000 confiscated firearms.

The official said that those weapons are the cause of great sorrow in the Dominican family, so that it is necessary to commence actions that will create a culture of dialogue and respect for human life.

Likewise, he suggested that the culture of carrying a firearm is arming the criminals, which cannot continue.

“Statistically, whoever has a firearm has more possibilities of being killed or ending up in prison than he that does not have one.”

Domingues Brito wants Dominicans to take a leading role in the total abolition of carrying and owning a firearm.

“It is the guns that give strength to organized crime, to the drug sellers, to the human traffickers and even to those that kill women.” He justifies the reasons by which he feels that carrying firearms should be eliminated. He argues that the equation is simple, since a world and a country without arms are safer.

For that reason, the Attorney General suggests that Central America and the Caribbean start a regional movement of disarmament.

“These are out countries that put up with deaths and pain because of the legal and illegal sale of arms.”

The state and disarmament

The Minister of the Interior and Police said that no policy has been established by the state with regard to the disarmament of the people.

“Which is to say, the system goes on as usual; we have a hope that in the future, as a project, we can produce the basis of a protocol which will work out the disarmament of the country, beginning with carry permits, and then possession, categorizing it according to the danger of the weapons.”

Fadul noted that at the present time President Danilo Medina has not thought about disarming the population under any concept.” Nonetheless, he underlined the fact that the authorities are acting against those persons who possess illegal firearms. He indicated that in the bars and restaurants the Police and the Armed Forces are carrying out disarmament operations. He repeated that at the present time the disarming of the people is not in the plans of the government.

The act

During the ceremony, the Attorney General Dominguez Brito presented to Jose Ignacio Morales (the owner of the El Artistico workshop) the rifle that was used to kill journalist Orlando Martinez in 1975.

He recalled that the statistics of the first half of the year, in relation to homicides, reveal that there was a reduction of 76 this year. In the first semester of 2013 there were 973 cases and this year 897.

In the meantime, the lawyer and commentator from Santiago, Jordi Veras, who was the victim of an attempted assassination in which he lost his right eye to a gunshot wound, suggested that all of the sectors come together in the struggle that the authorities are carrying out against crime.

“This is just not a fight by the authorities, e should join in everyone, lawyers, reporters, engineers, journalists, commentators, everyone should contribute to help in the fight against this scourge that is affecting our society.” Taking part in the act were the chief of the National Police, Manuel Castro Castillo, the mayor of the capital, Roberto Salcedo, and the District Attorney Yeni Berenice Reynoso and the Minister of Culture.

The firearms

Among the weapons destroyed were pistols, Revolvers, rifles, shotguns, semi-automatic rifles, carbines, bows and different structures and targets. In the report, the authorities cited 65 Lorcin pistols, 41 of different makes, 29 Colts, 28 Browning, 24 David, as well as 20 Smith & Wesson, 16 Llama, 16 Beretta, 9 Brico and others.

Source: DiarioLibre

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