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In four months, nearly 3,000,000 get new “cédula”

SANTO DOMINGO. From an electoral roll of 6,976,538 voters, the Central Electoral Board (J CE) has received requests to obtain the new identity and voting cédula from 2,919,958 persons of whom 2,431,023 have been given the document and 4,190,105 are still pending renovation.

According to statistics from the J CE, since 21 April, the date on which the process of issuing new cédulas began, and up until 31 August, 274,378 cédulas are available for printing and another 83,032 are in the process. They have delivered 3,090,268 tickets to people who have requested renewal.

The registers indicate, moreover, that 1,722,486 of the persons receiving the new document have updated their address; 1,405,573 updated their blood type; 618,758 registered their occupation; 146,359 changed their civil status; 55,862 added the information of their birth certificate and 2180 offered gender information.

During the process only 108,574 Dominicans have registered as new identity card holders; 2103 renewed the document after still carrying the blue plastic cédula; likewise 215,142 changed their voting station in different cities of the country and 259,270 changed their voting station in the same city.

According to the breakdown of the statistics, 2,673,085 persons, when they proceeded to renew the document, made changes in the information; 2338 changed from military to civilian status; 453 persons obtained a duplicate cédula and 210 foreigners obtained cédulas as naturalized citizens.

In addition it was reported that 25,841 persons changed their status from a minor to an adult; and 1025 minors, 16 years old, registered for the first time. For 2016 they will be adults.

Among the applicants there were also 53,369 military and police that obtained the new official document, as well as 11,203 foreigners.

Of the total electoral rolls 3,547,057 are women and 3,431,481 are men. Of these persons, 1,950,756 are between the ages of 16 and 29; 1,502,487 are between 30 and 39 years of age; 1,341,289 are between the ages of 40 and 49 and 2,183,997 are 50 years or older.

Regarding the issue, the head of the JCE, Roberto Rosario, pointed out that the process of issuing the new cédulas will serve to update and sift through the electoral rolls composed of 6,978,538 Dominicans. The head of the Board maintains his expectations that by this December they will have delivered some 5 million of the new cédulas, which are the Dominican identification document as well as the voter registration card.

Rosario says J CE will look for a consensus in the PRM case

SANTO DOMINGO. The president of the Central Electoral Board (J CE), Roberto Rosario, revealed that this institution will look for a decision by consensus among the political parties in relation to the change of name of the Dominican Social Alliance (ASD) to the Majority Revolutionary Party (PRM).

Rosario said that he instructed the Secretary of the institution, Hilario Espiñeira; the director of Communications, Felix Reyna; and the director of elections, Joel Lantigua, to communicate with the different parties so that they can be more flexible in their positions.

He indicated that if they do not obtain a consensus, the JCE will take the decision this month. “Until now this has not happened. As long as I have been here, there was one occasion when the Plenary of the Board has gone in a totally contrary sense to the parties, because the parties could take a position that was foolish because they want to make life impossible for others,” he emphasized.

He also stressed that the Plenary of the JCE has never taken a decision to change the name of political organizations without listening to the parties.

“The Plenary has never taken a decision without consulting the parties, they make the greatest effort so that the decision which is taken after having listened to them,” he underlined.

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