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How to avoid sun damage and toxic chemicals in sunscreen

Casa de Campo is the perfect place to bake in the sun and get a beautiful sun kissed glow. The reason we always feel better after spending some time in the sunshine is because of vitamin D production from exposing your skin to the suns rays.

Vitamin D is not produced by the body and one of the best- and easiest- ways to get it is through sunlight. Why is it so important? It can prevent multiple sclerosis, plays a role in brain development, bone health, can ward of heart attacks, heart disease, strokes and can help banish depression.  Most people need at least 10 minutes of exposure on a very sunny day where 80% of the body is exposed to the sun several times a week. Even a low SPF will prevent your body from producing vitamin D.

But what about sun burns and skin cancer? If you’re eating the right diet spending 10 minutes outdoors without sunscreen a few times a week probably won’t lead to a sunburn. Believe it or not the food we eat plays an incredibly important role in how we burn. A nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory diet that’s rich in healthy saturated fats, Omega-3 fatty acids and lycopene can help saturate your body with everything it needs to protect you for short periods of sun exposure.Some good choices are grass-fed beef, pastured butter, free-range eggs and coconut oil for healthy saturated fats, wild salmon, sardines and walnuts for omega-3s, plenty of cooked tomatoes for lycopene and of course leafy green vegetables. Besides adding these to your diet you also have to be diligent about eliminating processed foods, vegetable oils, grains and sugar since a diet rich in these things will make you much more likely to burn.

If you’re planning on spending the day lounging by the pool or beach I recommend wearing sunscreen- even if your diet is immaculate. The trick with sunscreen is that many of them are filled with toxic chemicals that may make you more susceptible to certain cancers instead of actually preventing skin cancer. So before lathering up with your favorite sunscreen check the label and watch out for these things:

Sprays or powders with micronized and nano-scale zinc oxide. Inhaling these particles can potentially cause damage to the lungs to avoid sprays and instead find someone to help you put your sunscreen on. Avoiding these also means that the sunscreen will be more difficult to rub in – but your health is worth the extra minute or two.

Oxybenzone is rapidly absorbed through the skin and studies have linked it to endocrine disruption, cell damage and cancer.

Look for at least 7% zinc oxide. Zinc oxide reflects and blocks UV rays and is not absorbed into the skin.

Avoid fragrance unless it’s plant based. Federal law doesn’t require companies to declare the toxins in a single fragrance and they frequently contain phthalates, which may trigger allergic reactions and a host of other health problems.

When in doubt check the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep website which lets you search your favorite products and lets you know just how toxic it really is.

by Jacqueline Banks

Source: Casa De campo Living

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