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Hipolito will create a new party from PRD Majority

SANTO DOMINGO. The new breakaway from the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) will seek recognition from the Central Electoral Board (JCE).

Yesterday the former President Hipolito Mejia announced that the dissident sector, PRD Majority, which he leads together with Luis Abinader, is getting ready to seek recognition as a new political party in the system, and he said that they already have the necessary signatures.

The former President said that they will draw up a new voter roll with the names of those who have left the PRD.

Mejia offered the information after being questioned, upon his departure from the Israeli Embassy, regarding the political platform with which they will present the candidates to elective positions in 2016.

“This will not be a problem, because we already have all of the signatures of those of us who are in the PRD Majority, and we are going to go into the voter registration lists. We are going to give it a name and then this will be the party,” said the former President.

Method of election

The political leader who was expelled from the PRD on 14 January 2013, together with Andres Bautista, suggested that for the election of the presidential candidate of the opposition front “the Convergence”, they will carry out “surveys and hold a convention with all of the members and everyone who want to vote can vote for their candidate. I said this in a speech: that there should be a free and democratic election, and he who has the people will win and he that doesn’t , will lose.”

With the announcement by Mejia, it can be deduced that the presidential hopeful Luis Abinader will not give up his party (the Dominican Social Alliance (ASD)) since it is expected that it would be the party that brings together all of that sector of the PRD>
During the Dialogo Libre last Monday, the presidential hopeful Luis Abinader, warned that he would not accept the vice-presidential spot a second time and that he is willing to go to the convention.

The same day, the Mejia spokesman, Hector Guzman, said that in a convention to elect the candidate the former President has not competition if he should run.

The Abinader campaign chief, Tony Peña, said that they should not take the traditional problems of the PRD to the Convergence.

Source: DiarioLibre

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