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Here comes the Carnaval Dominicano!

February has just arrived, and do you know what that means? It’s carnival time! Are you ready to enjoy the most colorful celebration of the whole year?

The Dominican Carnival or the Carnaval Dominicano is one of the most eagerly anticipated and exciting celebrations held in the Dominican Republic. It’s an occasion full of cheerfulness, music and above all brightness and colour. It’s when Dominicans go out into the streets to watch the amazing spectacle that is the Dominican Carnival – something which happens in towns all over the country on different days throughout February and March.

Here in Casa de Campo, we will be celebrating a version of the Dominican Carnival at the “Carnaval de la Marina” at the Marina Casa de Campo on February the 22nd.


The Dominican Carnival, celebrates a mixture of rituals, cultures and traditions inherited from the ancestors of the Dominican people; the Taínos, Africans and Europeans. It is thought the Dominican Carnival or ”Carnaval Dominicano” was brought to the country by Christopher Columbus, with evidence that this annual tradition started at some point in the 1500′s. Always celebrated before Semana Santa (Easter week), the “Carnaval Dominicano” in many ways simulates the “carnestoladas” of Spain.

Carnival around the world

Carnivals are celebrated  all around the world, with parades, music, costumes, dancing and unique characters representing different regions of the different countries. Some of the most famous are the Río Carnival of Santa Cruz of Tenerife, Oruro in Bolivia, Corriente in Argentina, El Vegano in the Dominican Republic, as well as of course the great Carnaval of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Carnival in The Dominican Republic – the Carnaval Dominicano

The Dominican Carnival is without a doubt the most colorful of all celebrations that take place throughout the year. It starts in February, which is also the month that the Dominican Republic celebrates it’s Independence Day – on February 27th. Although Dominican Independence Day and the Carnaval Dominicano are not actually linked, Dominicans take advantage both special occasions to celebrate throughout the whole month… and through until the end of March!

The “Carnaval Vegano” in La Vega, a city in the northern part of the country, is maybe the most popular carnival of all. People from all around the Dominican Republic attend, with many arriving on tours from different regions with their family and friends, with the aim to have a good time – and that’s something Dominicans know how to do for sure! During the “Carnaval Vegano”, La Vega is overtaken by people from across the country and the world who fill the streets, dancing along to the music and enjoying the spectacular parade filled with colors, magnificent costumes and contagious tropical music.

Just like all carnivals across the world, the primary attraction is the parade. The parade consists of different groups, called “comparsas”, who from different regions of the country have unique costumes, traditional to their area. Each comparsa is competing to be crowned the best in the parade and win a prize.

Although every Carnaval Dominicano is different and unique, some of the famous and most popular characters always seen are; Diablos Cojueles, Roba la Gallina, Se me muere Rebecca, Alí Babá, Califé, Los Travestís, Los Indios and many more…

To get you in the spirit of the Carnaval Dominicano, over the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing articles on the many different Dominican carnival characters.

Carnaval Dominicano 2014

Following the ever growing popularity of the Carnaval Vegano, which will be taking place this year Sundays; 2, 9, 16, 23 and 27 carnival fever has now spread across the entire Dominican Republic, with carnivals now being celebrated in most cities and towns. In Santo Domingo, the Domingo Republic’s capital city, the “Grand Carnival Parade” (Desfile Carnaval en Malecón) will be taking place on Sunday the 2nd of March from 10:00am on the ”Malecón” (the city’s principal coastal road), whilst the 7th annual “Carnaval de Santo Domingo Este” will be celebrated on the Avenida España on the 9th, 16th and 23rd of february.

For those if the Casa de Campo community we have; the Marina carnival scheduled for the 22nd of february and for those who want to get out of La Romana; 4th Carnaval Yumero 2014.

So don’t miss these amazing opportunities of enjoying the Dominican Carnival!

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