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Happy International Day of Literacy

Last Friday, September 5th we celebrated International Charity Day, and continuing with the worldwide celebrations, today we commemorate the International Day of Literacy, one of the most precious treasures a person can receive over their lifetime.

Literacy is extremely important because in it are the keys that open the doors to a brighter future; it is also a human right, which gives people the necessary tools to achieve a sustained development in our highly competitive society. Literacy is the basis of education, providing essential skills to live a productive life.

Here in the Dominican Republic the literacy rate is 90%, which may seem high, but is actually one of the lowest literacy rates in Northern America, as well as the Caribbean. In fact in the Caribbean, the only 2 countries with a worse literacy rate is Haiti (52.9%) and Jamaica (87.9%). And in case you still think 90% is high, think on this… with a population of over 10 million people, there are 1 million people who are illiterate! That is 1 million people living in this country who cannot read or write, cannot read or complete forms, read the labels on food or road signs, 1 million people who struggle with everyday tasks that we take for granted.

It is no coincidence that the United Nations has designated the International Day of Literacy (September 8) just three days after the International Charity Day (September 5), choses as many charities seek to provide a better life for those most in need – and many do so by providing a good education, something which will be with them wherever they go.

Source: Casa de Campo Living

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