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Government installs 1,306 smart cameras in all of Greater Santo Domingo

SANTO DOMINGO. The Dominican Republic will start working with a modern system of smart cameras that will serve as a support to the 911 system, a project that goes into service starting in February.

The project in question will consist of 1.306 cameras installed in 375 intersections considered to be crucial points in Greater Santo Domingo.

The cameras have their platform at Police Headquarters and the cost of their installation is very inexpensive for the government, since they are donations from countries such as Taiwan, the United States and others.

Each camera has the ability to read license plates, draw up information on the owner of the vehicle in record time, as well as how many persons are travelling in the vehicle.

The 911 project will have a modern system of ambulances and radio communications and other technological advances.

Recently the Chief of the National Police, Major General Manuel Castro Castillo, told the Diario Libre that with the modern system of Urban Vigilance, the police will have the ability to provide fast responses to any criminal situation which occurs in the streets of Greater Santo Domingo.

The System of Urban Vigilance has the ability of placing virtual fences and if someone were to leave a package in a restricted area, such as a school, barracks, hospitals, apartment buildings, and other places that have been selected by the authorities, the system will send out an automatic alert.

According to the Manual of the System of Urban Vigilance which was seen by Diario Libre reporters, the virtual fences will be those that at special moments are placed there by the technicians.

“IF for example there is a virtual fence, if someone crosses it, the system immediately send a red alert and we, from here at Police Headquarters, order several patrols that are near the fence, to arrive at the scene to see what has happened,” said a technician who asked not to be identified.

The police will have their own wireless network with a 12 hour electricity backup in case the place where the camera is operating has an interruption of the electricity service.

According to information obtained on the webpage of the Ministry of the Presidency, the government will only have to pay for the installation and once the system is installed, there will be no payments for its maintenance.

The installation has a three-year guarantee and one year for the equipment, plus the training of the personnel that is going to administer the vigilance system that will be the most modern in the Caribbean and one of the most modern in America.

Nearly all of the system is already installed. There are cameras ready in Boca Chica, East Santo Domingo as well as North and West Santo Domingo, the entrance to Los Alcarrizos, Guerra, La Victoria, the entire central area of the National District and they are d

Source: DiarioLibre

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  1. Samson

    Bit late in the day. How long before they are stolen?

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