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Government contributes RD $6 billion with surprise visits

SANTO DOMINGO. The government supports more than 400 projects which came about from the surprise visits which President Danilo Medina carried out on the weekends. These projects took an investment of RD $6.2 billion in the first two years, of which the government as disbursed RD $3.8 billion.

The information was offered by the Minister of Administration for the Presidency and the coordinator of the surprise visits, José Ramon Peralta, at the end of a 4 ½ hour meeting of the President with eight teen officials related to this program.

As of now they have carried out 76 visits to different parts of the country which have added impact on employment of some 37,000 new jobs directly related to the productive sector and with the in direct jobs the amount reaches 52,000 new jobs.

He made it clear that when the lands that are around Lake Enriquillo, those in San Juan and Azua come into production there will be an additional 60,000 direct jobs created.

“He (the President) seemed to be quite satisfied that all the commitments have been complied with to the letter,” and he noted that Medina is following each one of the cases. He also noted that of the 400 commitments taken on, 45% are finished.

“We have seen that this effort which is done on Sundays, a day of rest for any Dominican family and for the world, this hard work that is done on this day is producing its fruits for the country.”


The official said that the surprise visits are contributing with the export of products, such as the case of La Cruz de Manzanillo, which is now exporting dozens of containers of bananas.

The export of hot peppers from Monte Cristi, tayota from Jarabacoa, and bananas from Azua has increased. On the Emma Balaguer farm they had not exported in three years and now they are selling between three and four containers a week to other countries. They explained that with the help of the Institute of Innovation in Biotechnology and Industry (IBI I) they have managed to improve the production, and he gave as an example the preparation of wine taken from the maguey or agave plant which now produces 5000 bottles and which before only produced a few hundred.

Bait and switch?

Peralta explained that of the 76 surprise visits, only six have not received resources, because they do not fulfill the requirements. He cited the case of a woman who has an “Association” in which her daughters belong and she involved neighbors, in this case, no resources were expended.

He also mentioned the situation of another 20 associations and to which they have not expended any money, although there projects are valid, but they are not formalized, because they lack their National Registry of Tax payers.

Source: DiarioLibre

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