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Get your papers in order or risk being deported, says Minister of Interior & Police

The government is requiring that all people living in the Dominican Republic be documented. Minister of Interior and Police says that foreigners will need to get their legal papers in order or risk being deported. He said the implementation of the Foreigner Legalization Plan starts 1 June 2014. He noted that the government is working to document all foreigners living in the country, not only Haitians.

Fadul also stated that the passing and implementation of a new Naturalization Law is not required to enforce the Foreigner Legalization Plan ordered by Constitutional Court Ruling 168-13.

Fadul warned against international pressures. “We cannot accept pressure from anyone,” he told the press, speaking on the issue. He said that what is foremost is what the Dominican people think.

“They [international community] can do and say what they want, but ours is a sovereign country and this country is of Dominicans and we are to be respected, as we, in turn, respect the autonomy of every country,” he told the press when interviewed after attending the commemorative mass of the 91st anniversary of the JCE at the Santo Domingo Cathedral.

Hundreds of thousands of people living in the Dominican Republic do not have legal documentation. The plan ordered by the Constitutional Court Ruling 168-13 seeks to ensure that all residing in the Dominican Republic are doing so legally, either as Dominicans or foreign residents. The plan incorporates fast-track authority for people residing in the Dominican Republic to achieve naturalization and residency.

Fadul explained the implementation plan to support the ruling will be transparent and the government will work closely with religious groups, community and civic organizations to assure that the rights of all people are respected.

“Those that do not cooperate with the Legalization Plan will be deemed to be residing in the country illegally and will be subject to be deported to his or her country. This is a fundamental principle of the law. I wonder what country in the world allows illegals to reside in that county without penalty or sanction,” said Fadul, as reported in Diario Libre.

Source: DR1, Elcaribe

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