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Four cops arrested for taking young kids to get money from ATMs

SANTO DOMINGO. Four. This is the number of police agents that as of yesterday the Director General of Internal Affairs of the National Police has recommended for discharge. They are the persons responsible of forcing young persons that were driving vehicles on the roads to withdraw money from ATMs if they did not have the money demanded by the police agents.

“They arrested members of the National Police that engaged in this malpractice. A shameful practice. A practice that is very shameful for the police institution whose members carry out bothersome arrests in the street and then engage in demanding money from them (the young persons), that engage in taking money from them to allow them to free,” answered the chief of the institution, Major General Manuel Castro Castillo, after being questioned by Diario Libre regarding the investigations.

In this sense, he indicated that, through “intelligence work”, they found proof that implicated the policemen. Likewise he said that those implicated could be sent to face trial.

Castro Castillo made it clear that the police do not permit practices of this kind.

DL reported the facts

Last 21 April this newspaper reported that members of the National Police that patrol in pickups and motorcycles had engaged in the practice, during the night hours, of stopping young persons that were driving vehicles (owned by their parents or friends) and forcing them to give them money on the excuse that the car registration is in the name of another person or that some document contained some inconsistencies.

And, if they did not have the amount required, they were led to an ATM in order to withdraw the necessary funds.

“The Chief of Police will not tolerate this practice and will dismiss anyone that goes past the regulations, and good and moral behavior. He is not going to allow that because of some rotten apples, the institution is tarnished,” said the Police spokesman, Colonel Jacobo Matos Moquete, once the four were arrested.

Police have a strategy for the application of 9-1-1

Next May the National Police will begin the first phase of the National System of Emergency Assistance and Safety 9-1-1 in Greater Santo Domingo.

For this reasons, the Chief of the National Police, Major General Manuel Castro Castillo, explained that they have designed a strategy so that the police patrols will be more effective in the National District and the province of Santo Domingo.

In fact today at 10:00 o’clock in the morning, they will graduate 1,264 new members of the force, who will be joining the preventive patrols in order to provide a quick response to the emergencies reported over the 911 system.

Likewise, he noted that the institution proposes to “rescue” those agents doing administrative work, in order to increase their operational capacity.

Source: DiarioLibre

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