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Followers of Danilo and Leonel divide the Congress

SANTO DOMINGO. In the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) there exists the consensus of maintaining the division between followers of Danilo and Leonel in the leadership of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies starting on 16 August, when the new leadership is chosen.

Since the PLD has a broad majority in the Congress, the decision of who will preside over the chambers of the Legislative Power is in the hands of the Political Committee (CP in Spanish).

This party organ, according to the explanation of a member, had decided that no PLD member should spend more than two years, which has been broken by Abel Martinez in the Chamber of Deputies (four years) and Reinaldo Pared Perez (Eight years in the Senate).

In the beginning, the intention of the sector that follows the former President Leonel Fernandez was to exchange, to now have the Senate with Julio Cesar Valentin, and to cede the presidency of the Chamber to a deputy who was a follower of Danilo Medina, whose most mentioned candidate is Radhames Camacho.

However, there are factors that cast a doubt on this “exchange”, such as the fact that the senator Cristina Lizardo (Danilo Medina) has great support to achieve the presidency, and Martines (Leonel Fernandez) has “tied up” the support of the majority of the deputies. The expectations are now focused on the next meeting of the Political Committee.

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