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Expectations grow over the changes announced by Danilo

SANTO DOMINGO. The population continues with its expectations regarding the changes in the cabinet of the administration of President Danilo Medina, who has shown that he does not follow the traditional style of making these moves on dates such as 27 February and 16 August.

The expectations grew after the President announced last Tuesday that there necessarily has to be some “movements” within the governmental personnel, as he spoke during a luncheon with reporters that cover the Presidential Palace.

“Sometimes you don’t know the talent that is being lost by the lack of opportunity; because of this there have to be changes, there has to be more movements, because all of those that are outside can’t be fitted in and those that are inside, some have to leave so that the others can come in and give them an opportunity also,” said the President.

The government spokesman and director general of Communication (Dicom), Roberto Rodriguez Marchena, stressed the discretion with which Medina handles these issues and the manner and moment in which he decides to release the decrees relating to the appointments.

“He writes them and he delivers them, when he gives them to me I make them public, and this only he knows, he is an absolutely discreet man; let’s wait, but he said that he was going to make changes,” Rodriguez Marchena said last week.

Since the beginning of this administration there are PLD leaders that supported Medina from outside the party that remain on the “bench” in expectation of an appointment.

Within the cabinet there are a series of high-level figures within the PLD who belong to the Political Committee and the Central Committee, that have been in their positions since the administration of former President Leonel Fernandez. Because of their political status it is doubtful that a large part of these figures will remain out of government so that what is expected is that most of them will just be rotated.

From the Political Committee

Members of the Political Committee and who have been in their posts since the last Fernandez administration (and their positions) are the Minister of Economy, Temistocles Montas; the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier Garcia; the Minister of Women, Alejandrina German; the Minister of Interior and Police, José Ramon Fadul; Euclides Gutierrez Feliz, the Superintendent of Insurance and the director of the National Housing Institute (INVI), Alma Fernandez.

Holdovers also include the Minister of Public Administration, Ramon Ventura Camejo. Of all of these, it is expected that the changes in the Chancellery will continue, given the low profile that the Minister of Foreign Relations, Carlos Morales Troncoso, has taken. Medina revealed that he was trying to reduce the payroll of the foreign service. He noted that more than 1000 persons have left the service during the process which he expects to end by the end of the year.

Source: DiarioLibre

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