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Excessive number of diplomats caused crisis in embassies

SANTO DOMINGO. The expense of the excessive number of vice-consuls, assistants and councilors in the Dominican embassies and consulates overseas, a large number of whom are based in the Dominican Republic, was the bomb that exploded the recent financial crisis of the Foreign Service.

The country has 95 vice-consuls in the United States, 36 of them in New York, as well as 102 assistants, 54 of them appointed in New York. The vice-consuls receive a fixed salary of US$1,750 and the assistants get US$920, not counting expenses which can be up to four times these amounts.

According to the payroll published by the Ministry of Foreign Relations on its website, in Miami there are 21 vice-consuls, and 32 assistants. In Spain there are 34 vice-consuls and 49 assistants, In Madrid there are 11 vice-consuls and 28 assistants.

The Dominican personnel overseas turns out to be extremely supernumerary when it is compared to that of countries with more people such as Mexico, which has 33 diplomats registered in its embassy in the United States and 15 persons in the United Nations, while the Dominican Republic has 62 in the UN, among them 10 alternate ambassadors with salaries of 3,000 dollars a month, 13 councilor ministers receiving US$2,000 and 21 councilors with a salary of US$1,600.

Diplomats consulted pointed out that there are different salaries, since there are councilors with salaries between US$2,500 to US$6,500, which varies depending on who they are.

They criticize that many diplomats have the academic preparation, the political experience and a performance that is strictly ethical, but this is overlooked. The Chancellery and the government party do not defend the quality of the officials if they fulfill their mission, while they outdo themselves protecting those that cannot stand up to an elemental qualifying evaluation for the posts to which they have been appointed.

Deputy Minou Tavarez Mirabal, the chairwoman of the Foreign Relations and International Cooperation Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, said in telephone statement that the legislative proposal that sought to reorganize the foreign service of the Dominican Republic expired and because of this the legislators are intending to re-introduce it so that it can be heard by and approved by this legislature.

Source: DiarioLibre

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