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Erwin Seitel and club CMP completely rehabilitated

Ministerio Público withdraws all charges

The process against the German citizen Erwin Seitel and against the night club CMP in Sosúa came to a more than surprising end. After the defence of Mr. Seitel, during the court hearing on May 7th, 2014, there was presented a voluminous defense documentation refuting beyond doubt all of the accusations, now, during the second hearing, everything went really fast.
During this hearing the defense focused on the illegal deportation of the German, which was carried out after a personal intervention of the public prosecutor Dr. Francisco Domínguez Brito, and presented exhaustive evidence of the illegality of such procedure.

Another subject was the alleged “Exploitation victims” of Mr. Seitel, as described in detail in the accusation documentation, without producing a single proof or even circumstantial evidence.
Now, in the second hearing, the Ministerio Público had to admit: THERE WERE NO VICTIMS – NOT A SINGLE WOMAN HAD BEEN EXPLOITED IN THE CLUB CMP!
In view of this situation the representative of the Ministerio Público withdrew completely all the charges.

Here the original text of the court sentence:
Auto de No Ha Lugar No. 00073.2014
No. Interno 037-034-01-2013-02209
Proceso No. 273-2013-01156
OIDO: Al Representante del Ministerio Público, en su indicada calidad, concluir de la manera siguiente:
UNICO: Hacemos foral retiro de la acusación del Ministerio Público en contra del ciudadano alemán
Erwin Seitel.
OIDO: Al LICDO RAFAEL CRUZ MEDINA, defensa técnica del imputado, y concluir como sigue: UNICO:
Que se dicte auto de No Ha Lugar a favor del imputado y el retiro de la acusación.
LA JUEZ: RESUELVEDicta Auto de No Ha Lugar en favor de ERWIN SEITEL, en el presente proceso marcado con el No. 037-034-01-2013-02209 y en virtud del retiro de la acusación presentada por el
Ministerio PúblicoUNICA PARTE ACUSADORA en la especie.

Especially surprising and remarkable is the withdrawing of any charges because the assertions against Mr. Erwin Seitel in the accusation document from 6.12.2014 were very serious and massive.
Visto: EL escrito de Acusación y Solicitud de Apertura a Juicio, presentado por el Ministerio Público, en fecha 06-12-2013, en contra de Erwin Seitel, por presunta violación a las disposiciones de los artículos 334 del Código Penal Dominicano, y artículos 1, 3, 4, 7, 23, 34, 40, de la Ley 137-03, Sobre Trata de Personas, 339, 403, 410, 412, 415 de la Ley 136-03; en perjuicio del ESTADO DOMINICANO.

In a state of law you would expect that there has to be produced at least some evidence, before a public accusation of such serious offenses like procurement or even human trafficking.

After this court decision several serious questions arise:
1. How can it be possible that a public prosecutor, in the person of Dr. Francisco Domínguez Brito, without proving any guilt, defames a person without any criminal record, in public press declarations, as pimp and human trafficker?
2. How can it be possible that a normal person can be simply deported, without having done anything wrong, and WITHOUT COURT DECISION, only based on a personal request of the public prosecutor Dr. Francisco Domínguez Brito?
3. How can it be possible that a business which complies with all the regulations and laws, just simply, WITHOUT ANY COURT DECISION, can be ordered to close, for more then one year, provoking the loss of more than 40 workplaces?

Source: CMP VIP Club, Sosua

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