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Education investigates the locking of a minor in a school

SD. A teacher and a guidance counselor at the Maria Auxiliadora School in this sector of Villa Mella were suspended and are under investigation by the educational authorities regarding an incident which occurred with a 10-year-old student who spent the night locked in the school.

The case deals with teacher Clemencia Martinez and the guidance counselor Balkis Marte, who are being questioned in order to determine the degree of responsibility in the incident which occurred last Tuesday, and which caused the boys family to file a complaint in the courts.

Margarita Vargas, the director of the school, argues that “it was a mistake, but we don’t know the cause of the mistake.” She says that she was not in the school when the incident occurred, but according to her research it is certain that the minor who studied in the afternoon session, spent the night there.

The boy pointed out guidance counselor Marte as the person that left him locked up in the director’s office as punishment because he was playing with his classmates during class.

He says that as the hours went by he called out asking for help and nobody answered. “I even cried; the only thing that I could do was drink water. I peed through the window, because the bathrooms were closed.”

The shouts of the little boy were not heard by anyone until the morning, when the day watchmen arrives around 7 AM, and hearing the calls for help and some little hands through a window, ran terrified to ask for help from the neighbors of the school. Immediately a group of persons gathered in front of the school, and ambulance from 911 arrived which was called by the neighbors, together with members of the police and the fire department. They all remained in place until the educational authorities arrived to open the doors about 8 o’clock in the morning and took out the young boy.

While this situation was occurring in the school, in the boys house and his neighborhood everyone was worried. A group walked around the streets looking for him after talking to the police over his disappearance.

Emperatriz Ramirez, and at of the little boy told reporters of the anguish that overcame them on seeing that it was 6:30 in the evening and he had not arrived to his house. They went to the school to look for him and there they told him that they did not know anything and immediately they began to look for him accompanied by neighbors.

It was not until the early hours of Wednesday morning when Lidia Maria Ventura, the grandmother of the boy went to the school to wait for it to open, and there she found the commotion. She learned that there was a young boy locked inside and immediately she knew that they were talking about her grandson.

The father, Pedro Martinez, told Diario Libre that so far the school authorities have not offered any explanation of the case. He said that he filed a complaint at the prosecutor’s office.

In the school they say that the child is very commanding, and has very poor conduct, which is rejected by his family and neighbors. Moreover the school director says that the school is guarded at night by a policeman and she cannot explain house no one heard his shouts.

In the interim, the authorities on the Ministry of Education are investigating the case and their family is calling for justice.

Source: DiarioLibre

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