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EDENORTE leaves Sosúa sectors to blackouts for over 16 hours daily

Sosua – . Community leaders from different sectors of the municipality reported that for more than a year now the Electricity Distribution Company (North EDENORTE ) , has been providing blackouts for over 16 hours daily, without any valid reason.
According to the statement made by the social worker Nereyda Alvarez, Women’s Community of Sosúa , and residents in the Maranatha, Villa Emmanuel, Villa Sion, Villa Bethania, The Mahogany, Bella Vista, Arroyo Seco and other sectors are about to take to the streets their protest against the abusive daily blackouts that happen despite paying the energy bills every month.
Alvarez said that residents in communities affected by these long blackouts, are willing to pay a flat fee providing that the brisk service is restored within the circuit of 24 hours, but unfortunately EDENORTE representatives apparently are not interested in finding a solution to the problem and this keeps dozens of citizens sinking in the dark.
EDENORTE’s blackouts are affecting almost every community of Sosua, and people are completely irritated by the extensive blackouts.
Nereyda Alvarez, quoted that in the above listed communities, you can not drink cold water, do laundry, because nobody knows exactly what time the energy service will be cut off , which affects domestic work and commercial activity and owners of grocery stores bear invaluable losses where products that need to be refrigerated are damaged due to power failure .
He stressed that the blackouts for more than 16 hours have been a factor that is used by criminals to take control of the area covered in the darkness of the night, leading to the occurrence of dozens of burglaries and robberies before citizens return home from work, college or churches.
Residents in the areas of Sosúa affected by the poor energy supply, expressed their willingness to meet with government officials and representatives of EDENORTE to try to find a solution to this problem and in this way regulate the fluid of energy in the region.
Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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  1. Samson

    Cora Plata much the same. No solution and don’t care. Disgraceful.

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