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Due to overcrowding and inhumane conditions 25 remand prisoners moved from Puerto Plata to other jails

PUERTO PLATA After allegations published by the news media that about 54 remand prisoners were crammed in inhumane conditions, the authorities ordered the transfer of 25 inmates to other prisons around the country.
It is recalled that on Tuesday November 4 published the information that a total of 54 private citizens of their liberty preventively imprisoned in a subhuman form in a narrow cell in the Northern Regional Directorate of Police National Puerto Plata, they were on top of each other, as if they were “sardines”.
Early in the afternoon yesterday, the Procurator Fiscal Puerto Plata in coordination with the General Directorate of Prisons (DGP), arranged the transfer of about 25 remand prisoners who formed a group of 53 who were detained in preventive prison of POP.
The 25 remand prisoners were transported in a bus guarded by soldiers and were distributed to prisons in Santiago, La Vega and 15 Azua as overcrowding of the small detention of Puerto Plata was causing health problems.
Almost two years ago that the remand prison of the city of Puerto Plata, which worked on the old Courthouse Street Beller, was shut down for not having the right conditions to hold detainees to the point that by the stifling heat, lack of ventilation and unsanitary three inmates died, which caused a huge scandal.
The pity is that today, the remand prison of Puerto Plata works in a small cell at the Northern Regional Directorate of the National Police, which only seats about 15 people, but in several cases have been held there more than 100 citizens in subhuman conditions.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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