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Drug dealers used Lopez Mendez brothers for transportation

SANTO DOMINGO. The police established that the brothers Omar and Cesar Alejandro Lopez Mendez were used as “safe transport for drugs” and added that they did it on their own account without belonging to any gang in particular.

The “safe transporters” were used by drug traffickers in order to transfer small loads of drugs, which regularly did not weigh more than 15 kg and that never used more than 2 persons in order not to attract the attention of the authorities.

The information was offered yesterday by the spokesman of the National Police, Colonel Jacobo Mateo Moquete, who said that during the investigations the officers established that the brothers known as “Los Mocanitos”, also carried out killings for hire. Likewise, Mateo Moquete said that the women that accompanied the brothers Lopez Mendez at the time of their deaths were released “because they found no indication of culpability in the brothers’ actions, or participation in the incidents of which they were accused.”

“These women were released on Sunday; there is no indication that they took part in the criminal activities of the brothers Lopez Mendez, whose deaths, we regret, but they were young men that strayed from the path of righteousness,” he said. According to the Police the pair of brothers did all types of “dirty jobs” and had made this their modus vivendi.

The Police intelligence services followed the Lopez Mendez brothers until they were installed in an abandoned house on Maria de Toledo Street, which belonged to a Christian couple. The owners of the house received two deposits of RD$4000 each and the rental deal was made in the morning of 24 December, and the pair of brothers, who had become the Most Wanted by the Police, moved that same evening, with just a mattress that they threw on the floor.

The two brothers spent Christmas Eve with the local neighbors; they sat in a little market and drank beer until late at night. The following day they bought food, picapollo (fried chicken) at a food stand, and by nightfall, they returned to spend time with the local residents. It appears that the Police knew of their presence the day after the pair reached the section known as Eduardo Brito in Pedro Brand, and at 3 o’clock in the morning last Saturday, the whole sector was cordoned off by more than 200 agents, unleashing a shootout which ended with the deaths of the brothers Lopez Mendez.

Source: DiarioLibre

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