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DR social policy information represents a challenge

SANTO DOMINGO. The president of the PRD, Miguel Vargas, said that the reduction of the size of the middle class and the persistence of high levels of poverty within a significant majority of the population, put into evidence that the results of the country’s public policies are disappointing, and they need a new inspiration and determination for social change.

In order to show that the policies that the government applies have not served to reduce the inequality, which “shows that the quality of life of the people has not been a priority in the agendas of the administrations,” Vargas cited the data from the UNDP which shows that between the years 2000 and 2012 the Dominican middle class went down eight steps in its size and the World Bank which shows that for more than a decade the economic growth has not served to reduce the inequality.

He illustrated that in the very numbers of the Central Bank it is shown that none of the groups of workers obtain fixed incomes that reach 70% of the cost of the family basket.

He reported that he touched on the issue in a recent meeting with the Block of Deputies of the PRD, in order to revise the startup of the new legislative agenda, calling on the more than 50 legislators present to propose initiatives that push for social development and contribute to the reduction of poverty, in order to combat the grave resession which is observed in terms of social welfare and real progress of the people.

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